Frequently Asked Questions

From: Maureen BiondoWest Marine Product Advisor (11/26/18)
Hello, can you provide the following information for us on the Trolling Motor Mount? Can you give me the measurements in inches? Width, height, and diameter. How far does it extend from the trolling motor mount? We greatly appreciate your help with this, thank you!

Answer: Maureen, Thx for the question. Width: 4 Inches, Height:11.5 Inches, Diameter: 3/4 Inch, Extends out from Trolling Motor: 9.5 Inches
Hope that helps

From: Ernie Huff (11/17/18)
I was actually shopping for a power pole and came upon these. Any experience with these in southwest Florida for beach anchoring?

Answer: Ernie, we have a  lot of customer in SW Florida. Our systems were design on the inter coastal in Florida. They work great in your area.

From: Chad Shealey (11/16/18)
Looking for a bow mount for a 1994 Bass Tracker (pro 17).  Which one would you recommend? Thanks in advance, Chad Shealey

Answer: Chad, Common question. We recommend our 3 Inch Deck Rise Bow Mount. Hope that helps

From: Maureen Biondo (11/9/18)
Hello, would you be able to tell us which 6" Rise Bow Anchor Mount would work better in a saltwater environment? Stainless Steel or Black? We greatly appreciate your help with this, thank you! Maureen Biondo / West Marine Product Advisor

Answer: All of the Dig In Anchors mounts are Hot Dip anodised. That is a acid etching of the color into the metal. Both the Chrome (CH) and Black (BK) perform equally in Fresh and Salt water. Hope that helps


From: Mike Pollak (11/8/18)
Hi There, I have a customer question for Mfg # DP-12-RD. "I am interested in the 12 foot pole. Does this have any tip or any area that is not flush with the pole? lastly in specs it says its 12 feet in length and the depth is 11 feet.  wouldn't the depth and length mean the same?" Thank you,
Michael Pollak / West Marine Product Advisor

Answer: Yes... The anchor pole tip is flush with the pole. Pole is 12 feet in length. Usable length is 11 feet due to the handle. Hope that helps

From: Tim Scolaro (10/26/18)
Can I purchase and pick up a "Fish Hunter" package direct from you? If so, what is your physical address. I saw that you offer a military discount, does that apply to disabled vets? What would the price be if you do offer a discount? Thank You, Tim Scolaro

Answer: Tim, thx for the questions.
Yes.. You can pick up orders directly from us. Just need to know what the package is. Yes... We do have a military discount (10%). Just email us your active military ID or Discharge papers. Call me at 386.308.7745... and we can figure out what system you want. Hope that helps

From: Michael Pollak, West Marine Product Advisor (10/22/18)
Hi There, I have a customer with a few questions on Mfg # DP-8-WT.
1) How does the Dig In Anchor work in moving current? Will it hold?
2) How difficult is it to push the anchor in hard sand and oyster shell bottoms? Thank you, Michael Pollak, West Marine Product Advisor

Answer: Michael, thx for the questions.
1. Our anchors work well and hold the boat in a moving current. Best system is a Fish Hunter package for both ends of the boat.
2.) Hard sand just takes a tap on the handle to set the anchor pole. Hard oyster shell bottoms take a little feel to find a good securing hole of fissure in the oyster bed. Hope that helps.

From: Dan Foster (10/19/18)
Hi, So there is a strongish current or 15 mph wind; How do I get the poles out without a huge effort?Lets say my wife is going to pull them. Likely installation is on a 22 foot pontoon boat.Thanks Dan

Answer: Dan, Get this question frequently. If the pole locks in the mount. Use the trolling motor or main motor to ease tension off the poll. It will straighen and slide up easily. Hope that helps.

From: Dan Pagel (9/21/18)
LIKE A PHONE,I LIKE TO ASK YOU. Can i install off my motor bolts. Dan Pagel

Answer: Dan, I called your phone number. FYI... The voicemail is full and I could not leave a message. Yes, you can install the Standard Motor Mount using the motor bolts.

From: John Goody (9/18/18)
To Dig in Anchors. My first trip after installing the 8ft anchor was to Indian point in the Everglades, Florida. We deployed the Dig in Anchor into 4 ft of water and cast out our lines. To our surprise, the first fish we caught was the juvenile Jew Fish Pictured above. We also caught Tarpon, Trout and Bonnet head shark. Thanks to the Dig in Anchor we are able to hold the 18ft Boston Whaler in the skinny water...... I recommend your product highly. John Goody

From: Steve Harrod (9/4/18)
I am interested in this system for my Bass Tracker FishinBarge 21 pontoon. The concern I have is I need to mount both a bow mount and a stern mount as I fish a rather windy Lake Okeechobee in Florida for crappie fishing. With my pontoon the deck wall is mounted rather close to the edge all the way around, especially the back end of the boat. At the front of the boat I at least may be able to utilize one of the 3 entry gates to mount one but I don't know how to work around the issue of the back end. Can you advise me on this? I am a senior adult with a certain amount of lower back issues that I fear will seriously affect my ability to fish if I have to continue to have to lift anchors out of the water. I appreciate your feedback on this.

Answer: Steve, I looked up pictures and a video of your Sun Tracker FishinBarge 21 pontoon. Yes the wall are very close to the edge. I think you idea is correct. You can install the mounts at the entry gates. Hope that helps

From: Dan Gragtmans (9/4/18)
Hello. Question for ya. I’m from southern Ontario and I hunt diver ducks in lake st Clair. I hunt out of an 18 foot pontoon boat that has a blind built on it (about 4 high off the deck). Will the pontoon package hold well in 2-3 foot waves, 15-20mph winds, in 4 feet of water? We set up our decoys, then leave the spread to pick up anchor and go retrieve the ducks. Also, we always hunt with the bow directly into the wind, would it make more sense to mount both brackets on each corner of the bow rather than one bow and one stern? Dan Gragtmans

Answer: Dan, Yes... our systems will hold your boat

From: Nick Hillmer (8/16/18)
Hello, I purchased a motor mount and 6 foot anchor pole this summer. It works great. They only thing is that I would like to get a longer anchor pole for deeper water. Do you offer a 2 piece 12 foot anchor pole. It would be nice to get a 2 piece for ease of boat storage. Thanks,Nick Hillmer

Answer: Nick, thanks for the question. We do not offer a two piece anchor pole for boats. What we have found is that the joints will break. For a full sized boat the joints are just not as strong as a solid anchor pole. Hope that helps

From: Carl Kanas (8/15/18)
Good afternoon, I recently purchased a used bass boat that has the mount for a Dig In Shallow water anchor. However, there was no pole included with the purchase. I would like to buy either an 8 ft or 10 ft black pole to use with the mount. I tried to order it via the website but was not having any luck. Can I please get a price quote to replace the missing item. Thank you! Carl Kanas

Answer: Carl, first let me appologize for the website. Hired a company to build a new website and they screwed it up. Congrates on your new boat. Tried to call your number (9543035597). Phone rings twice and then goes dead. Hope that helps

From: Jerry Agathos (7/27/18)
Hi, can i just buy the 12 ft pole ? I live in Australia & i will pay all necessary shipping costs.

Answer: Jerry, thank you for your interest in our anchor systems. This is not an easy under taking. If you are willing to be patient and work with us, we will do our best to ship a system to Australia. Hope that helps

From: Bill Hattaway (7/26/18)
I have a 2200 V Pathfinder bay boat. Could I use two transom mount poles vs transom and bow mount poles? Or, will one pole be sufficient for this size boat? Thanks, Bill

Answer: Bill, thx for the question. For your 2200 V Pathfinder bay boat we recommend a fish hunter system (2) mounts & (2) Poles.One for the bow and one for the stern. You could use two stern mounts boat that size boat will swing in the wind or stiff current. Hope that helps

From: Rusty Sink (7/23/18)
How can a purchase the engine mount and 10 foot pole. Also do you have a military discount by any chance? Thanks. Rusty Sink

Answer: Rusty, Thx for the question. Please email me a copy of your active Military Id or Discharge Id and I can send you the Military discount code. Hope that helps

From: Joe Smoak (7/23/18)
Want to purchase a jack mount plate system but would like the base mount to follow the same lines of jack plate. Also I live in Chas sc close to Monks Corner where I believe you are located. I can give you the angle degree if it can be done. Thanks

Answer: Joe, What kind of Kack plate do you have..? Manual or Hydrolic

From: Jack Lee (7/6/18)
Diamater? of round mount on bow? I may be pretty close, as I have elec and auto pilot up there and not much room--May have to move inside boat and about 10" down to flooring. Thanks Jack

Answer: Jack, the round EZ release puck is 4 1/2 inches in Diameter. Hope that helps

From: Charles Brooks (7/6/18)
does the 6 in rise deck mount extend below the mounting surface ( I m mounting to a swim platform and don"t want it immersed in salt water)? thanks. charles brooks

Answer: Charles, Good question... No... the 6 in rise deck mount does not extend below the mounting surface. Hope that helps

From: Neil Orta (7/1/18)
I have a pontoon that has no deck space bow or stern. I see you have a transom mount that may work for the stern what option would be best for the bow?

Answer: Neil, can you email me a picture or a video of our pontoon boat..?

From: Mike Brooks (6/28/18)
Is the 45 degree trolling motor mount still available (seen on a video), also how far below the mounting surface does the 3 in deck rise mount extend. mike brooks

Answer: Mike, Yes we do have 45 degree Trolling Motor Mounts. Hope that helps

From: Asa Smith (6/18/18)
Could you give me a price for 5" offset transom & 3" bow rise mounting brackets only with shipping to Texas 75474? No poles. Asa Smith

Answer: Asa, Thanks for the question
5" Offset Transom mount... $169.96
3" Bow Rise Mount......... $182.97
Shipping.................. FREE
This is a special offer, so give us a call at 386.308.7745 Hope that helps

From: Ron (6/8/18)
Can I buy just the pole and two mounting clips? I received the transom mount already. Also, I can’t see big pic of the camo poles. Can you send that to my email so I can see the pattern?

Answer: Ron, The answer is yes. Just a pole and clips is a special order so, give me a call at (386) 308-7745 Here is a picture of a Push Pole, its easier to see the camo pattern than on an Anchor Pole. Hope that helps

From: Dustin Tolbert (5/23/18)
Good afternoon, I am contacting you today to inquire about possible prostaff opportunities. I believe I can prove to be a valued member of the team if proved the chance. I can send you my resume upon request. Thanks in advance for any help, have a great day! Dustin Tolbert

Answer: Dustin, thx for the ProStaff request. Please email us...
1.) A picture of you in the last Tournament you won with date and place.
2.) A link to a YouTube video of you demonstrating a Fishing technique, Lure, one of our systems, etc.
That will help us a lot in making a determination if you are a good fit.
Hope that helps.

From: Jorge Rodriguez (5/22/18)
I have a Topper 1542 jon boat. Do you have a system that will work on this boat? Jorge Rodriguez

Answer: Jorge, thx for the question. We recommend a 5 Inch Transome Mount and a 10Ft anchor pole (you pick the color) for your Topper 1542 jon boat. Hope that helps

From: Matt Walters (5/21/18)
I need just the yellow 12’ pole. What would that cost? How much for shipping to 39740 address? Matt Walters

Answer: Matt, Thx for the question. We have to ship thru UPS, USPS and FedEx will no ship over 8ft. The shipping for one 12 foot pole is ridiculously expensive ($179). We recommend that you purchase our 12 Ft poles thru one of our Retailers like West Marine. Then you will not pay shipping costs. Hope that helps.

From: Lucas Rivera (5/21/18)
I would like to purshase the trolling motor mount only, what is the cost? Thank You. Lucas Rivera

Answer: Lucas, Thx for the question. The cost for a Trolling motor mounts is $191.00. Hope that helps

From: Mark Fink (5/13/18)
Hello, Do you sell the standard motor mount for the dig in anchor by itself? If so, what is the price for the chrome and the black finished ones? The motor mount is made of aluminum? What is the internal diameter of the tube that the anchor slides into? I already have some fiberglass spikes but I do not have a mount for the boat, just been using rope tied to boat cleats. I see most of your setups are one anchor at the front and rear of the boat. Is there any reason to not put an anchor on each side of the outboard and not do one up front? This is reference to a fiberglass 18-19 foot bass boat. Thanks in advance for your help! Mark Fink

Answer: Yes... We sell the mounts separately. Yes... We the mounts are made of Marine grade aluminium. Internal diameter is a trade secret. The reason you want a pole at the bow and the stern is to keep the boat a stable as possible. The only reason you see (2) PPs or (2) Talons is that they can not mount one on the bow. Too big and weigh too much. Hope that helps

From: Mark Behlok (5/8/18)
I picked up a pair of Dig In poles, the ones that come apart which would be perfect to store in my boat. Are those pretty good, the guy at West Marine said they tend to bend at the threaded pieces.. Anyways, I need to see how to order just the motor mount bracket in Black, Starboard side if possible. I only see the packages online, and I don't need the poles, just the bracket itself. Regards,Mark

Answer: Mark, glad you could get the poles and not have to pay a ridiculous shipping fee. First, the segemented anchor poles will NOT take as much bending pressure as the solid poles. Solid poles will handle over 900lbs of side force, segmented poles 300lbs. Segmented poles are more for Kayaks. Hope that helps

From: Sean Goff (5/7/18)
I have a 1548 gator tough G3 that I mostly use for duck hunting. I'm having a little trouble with your website. My question is do you have a camo combo set up, meaning the whole thing? Front and back mounts with the poles. And if so what is the complete price on the whole set up? Or do you have to buy everything separate? Thanks Sean Goff

Answer: Sean, great question. What we recommend for your 1548 gator tough G3 is a Standard Motor Mount, 3 Inch Deck Rise Bow Mount and (2) two 10 fott anchor poles. All in Camouflage. Hope that helps

From: Rick Kody (5/3/18)
What do you recommend for a Yamaha 210 FSH? It has the 2 tier swim step area.

Answer: Rick, we recommend (2) 3 Inch Deck Rise mounts and your choice of pole lengths. Hope that helps

From: Joseph Albanese (4/13/18)
I am putting together an article on shallow water anchors to appear in the June issue of On The Water ( Specifically the article covers alternatives to Power Pole-type anchoring systems, including Cajun anchors and stake-out pins. I would like to include your motor mount bracket in the piece, and was wondering if you could provide me with one for review. As writer, I primarily cover fishing, conservation, and DIY subjects. My works have appeared in Outdoor Life, Field & Stream, and Sport Fishing. For examples of my work please visit Thank you for your consideration. Tight Lines, Joe

Answer: Joe, thanks for contacting us. We would be honored to participate in your article. Please email me at or call me at 386.308.7745 so we can get shipping information. Hope that helps.

From: Kenneth Vermurlen (4/12/18)
If I order today, how soon can I expect delivery. Salinas, California. Motor/jackplate mount - white 10' pole

Answer: Ken, Order today (4-12-18)... Ship Monday (4-16-18)... You should have Mount & pole by following Monday... All depends on UPS. Hope that helps

From: David Rowan (4/10/18)
Can you purchase the poles only, without mounting system?

Answer: Yes, you can purchase the poles only

From: Bryan S. (4/9/18)

Bow or Transom??? I have a 1994 17ft Ranger R70 Sport, I can only afford one option at the moment, which option would offer a better anchoring system.. Bow or Transom??

Answer: Bryan, Go with a 3 Inch Deck Rise Bow Mount and a 10ft anchor Pole. That is our most popular single system. See it here… 3 Inch Deck Rise Bow Mount and a 10ft anchor Pole. Hope that helps

From: Stuart W. (4/5/18)
If you are able to sell to Australia, is there a limit to the length of the pole that can be sent?

Answer: Stuart, We get many requests from fishermen in Australia . Unfortunately, we do not sell our products in Australia. We have tried. The shipping is ridiculously expensive and customs takes forever.
I really want to come to Australia and set up our shop. Hopefully soon.

From: Ed L. (4/3/18)
Hi. I do have a couple of questions. With time will your poles possibly get fiberglass splinters forming? 
Can I get poles in a screw together 2 piece? Thanks.

Answer: Ed, good questions. 
Yes, the poles will degrade and get splinters over time. 
We put a photo inhibitor in our poles to extend pole life.
We also recommend you put car or boat wax on the pole every 3 or 4 times you use it.
that also will extend the pole life.
No, we don’t have a segmented pole. What we discovered is the the joints are not as strong as a solid pole. Hope that helps.

From: Shane B. (4/2/18)
I have a 2017 tracker panfish. What would anchor would work best for it?

Answer: Shane, best system for your boat is a Fish Hunter package.
We recommend 3 Inch Deck rise Bow Mount & Standard Motor Mount- Left and (2) 10ft anchor poles

From: Mark K. (4/1/18)
I have a 22 ft pontoon with a Yamaha 115. Would the motor mount and 10 ft pole hold up for this type of an application?
Thanks Mark

Answer: No… Mark, one mount and one pole will not hold a heavy pontoon boat.
We recommend one our Pontoon packages (Bow & Stern)
Here is the most popular
Pontoon System with 10Ft Poles

From: Albert D. (3/26/18)
I am looking for the 12′ black anchor poles only to replace my 10′ poles. Can just the poles be purchased.

Answer: Albert, Yes… you can purchase the poles separately. Do to shipping cost, highly recommend you buy them from one of our Retailers. Try West Marine

From: Randy G. (2/22/18)
I’ve been told the did in anchors won’t hold a pontoon in backwaters in Florida in a still current! Is that fake news? Thanks, Randy

Answer: Randy, Thx for the heads up. That is definitely Fake News.
Our systems hold Pontoon boats from Florida to Texas to Wisconsin to Maine and S. Carolina

From: Gregory H. (2/15/18)
I need to order one or pair of these but I’m not sure where to start. I have a 2017 18ft sylvan pontoon and I need something to anchor my boat in shallow water 
Gregory H.

Answer: Yes, Here is a link
Greg, we recommend our Pontoon package. Here is a link to our most popular package for Pontoons.

From: J.L. E. (1/22/18)
198DLV caroline skiff (96″ beam) I fish Texas coast saltwater bays. The bays can be choppy and windy at times. I like to anchor and wade fish in the bay. What anchoring system would you recommend to secure the boat when I’m wade fishing?

Answer: J.L., Good question. We recommend a 5 Inch Transom Mount & a 3 Inch Rise Bow Mount with (2) 10Ft Anchor Poles for your 198DLV caroline skiff.

Here is a link … 5″ Offset Transom Mt & 3″ Rise Deck Bow Mt with (2) 10Ft Poles

Hope that Helps

From: Joey B. (1/15/18)
Which would you recommend for the new tracker 17 foot boat? Tracker 40th anniversary edition.

Answer: Joey, thanks for the question. We recommend the 3 Inch Rise Bow Mount & Standard Motor Mount. Both with the Black finish. Your choice of pole length (8ft, 10Ft, 12ft). Here is a link… SMM & 3RBM & (2) 10Ft Poles
Hope that helps

From: Robert P. (12/22/17)
Hello, Can I just buy the mounts no poles for this kit in Black. Standard Motor Mt & Trolling Motor Mt. Robert P.

Answer: Yes

From: Mike D. (12/6/17)
Looking at adding system to 1999 Skeeter zx202c. I have a power lift hydraulic jack plate. Seen the jack plate mount at West Marine. Will this work on a jack plate that moves up and down? Mike D.

Answer: Yes.. it will. As this is a specialty piece… Call me at 386.256.6917 to Order

From: John K.. (12/1/17)
Hello, I’m getting a 2017 198p aluminum ranger bass boat and considering getting power poles but they are expensive !
My question is what do you have that would work on the boat
Do the poles collapse for transport or are they one piece?
Thank you. John K


John, I looked up a picture of your 2017 198p aluminum ranger bass boat on Google.
What we recommend is the Fish Hunter package. The poles are one piece
3 Inch Rise Deck Mount – Black
Standard Motor Mount – Black
2 – 10Ft Anchor Poles – Black

From: Chad S. (11/27/17)
What mount will be needed for a 1994 Bass Tracker 17 foot. Interested in a front mount.
Thanks, Chad
Answer: Chad, I looked up an image of your 1994 Bass Tracker Pro17 on Google. We recommend the 3 Inch Deck Rise Bow Mount with your choice of anchor pole length (8Ft, 10Ft or 12Ft).

From: Bill R. (10/26/17)
Can I buy the 6” offset mount without a pole? I already have a 8’ and a 10’ pole. Bill.
Answer: Yes. Its actually a 5″ offset mount.

From: Ray C. (4/5/17)
I have a 2012 basscat puma with a slidemaster jackplate with a 250 price Merc I don’t want to drill any holes in the boat. What would you recommend? 
Answer: Ray… I took a look at images I could find on Google. From what I can see, you can use our Standard Motor Mount.

From: Ron C. (4/4/17)
I broke my anchor pole on my last outing. How much for a replacement 8 ft pole ? 
Answer: Ron, Bummer… How did you break it..? New pole is $72.97 plus shipping.
Contact us to order.

From: Francis L. (3/24/17)
Hi I’m trying to see the best way to install your mount on my boat, can you tell me how long the tube portion or the mount is?
Answer: Francis, the tube portion is 11.5 inches. Hope that helps

From: Alan H. (3/22/17)
i have a 26′ harris pontoon, all of my fishing is in the texas intercostal and bays in matagorda texas.
i always have wind and current.
will theses hold the boat?
Answer: Alan, good question…the answer is yes. Here is a link to the Pontoon boat package that we recommend. Two 3 Inch Deck Rise Bow Mounts with (2) 10Ft Poles

From: Travis L. (1/30/17)

I am interested in only a standard motor mount starboard side. Can’t find a link to order just the mount.
Answer: Scott, the pricing on the website includes two (2) Three Inch deck Rise Bow Mounts and two (2) poles. Its a specialty package. Hope that helps

From: Scott M. (8/20/16)
I have a pontoon, and am interested in the anchor system, but am curious as to why they are more than double the price of transom or bow mount.
Answer: Scott, the pricing on the website includes two (2) Three Inch deck Rise Bow Mounts and two (2) poles. Its a specialty package. Hope that helps

From: Customer (8/19/16)
I’m looking to add your system to the bow of my boat. I have a fairly wide gunwale as I have a 2016 Carolina Skiff 218 DLV. If I screw it in it will come out on the underside of the gunwale. Can your puck be bolted thru as they did with my trolling motor?
Answer: Yes, Sure can. Hope that helps.

From: Jeff D. (7/25/16)
Can you do a package deal for the motor bracket with 10′ and trolling motor bracket with 12′ pole?
Answer: Jeff, Sure can…. Click this link…

From: Frank L. (7/5/16)
Good evening. Which one would you recommend for a Sea Hunt Ultra 234 Center Console?
Answer: Frank… Good Question… We recommend a Fish Hunter system for a boat that size. Go with a 3 Inch Rise Bow Mount and a Standard Motor mount. Get a 12 Ft Anchor Pole for the Bow and a 10 Ft Anchor Pole for the stern. Hope that helps

From: Rafael R. (7/4/16)
I have a Lowe 170 with a 40 hp johnson motor what would be the best fit for my boat. Rafael R
Answer: Rafael, Best system for your lowe 170 with a 40 hp Johnson motor is a 3 Inch Rise Bow Mount and a Standard Motor Stern Mount with (2) 10 foot Anchor poles.

See It Here… Standard Motor Mt & 3″ Rise Deck Bow Mt. Hope that helps

From: Rafael R. (7/1/16)
I have a Lowe 170 with a 40 hp johnson motor what would be the best fit for my boat. Rafael R.

Answer: Rafael, Best system for your lowe 170 with a 40 hp Johnson motor is a 3 Inch Rise Bow Mount and a Standard Motor Stern Mount with (2) 10 foot Anchor poles. See It Here… SMM_3RBM_2_10Ft_AP .. Hope that helps

From: Mitchell P. (6/29/16)
I was wondering can I purchase more pole secure clips and whats the price on them? Thanks! Mitchell P.

Answer: Mitchell, Yes you can… Here is a link   Pole_Clips_Stock   Hope that helps.

From: Chris G. (6/27/16)
I have a 2012 Suzuki 4 stroke 50hp on a Triumph 170CC. Will the motor mount work on my boat? Thanks Chris G.

Answer: Chris, YES… Our Standard Motor Mount will work on your 2012 Suzuki 4 stroke 50hp on a Triumph 170CC Stern.  Hope that helps

From: Larry L. (6/10/16)
I have a 22′ Bass Tracker pontoon boat. Do you have a mount designed for a pontoon boat? I would want the 12′ poles. Pontoon boats catch a lot of wind so these anchor poles need to be strong enough to hols a pontoon boat. Are the poles capable of that? Larry L.
Answer: Larry, Nice pontoon boat. Here is the system we recommend for Pontoon boats for people who want the 12Ft Anchor Poles..  . Our poles are rated up to 900 lbs of side force. Should be more than enough. Hope that helps.

From: Skip F. (6/6/16)
I have a new Bennington 20′ pontoon w/90 HP Merc Outboard. Do you have any discounts for purchasing 2 at the same time? I’m thinking of the 3″ deadrise deck mount for both bow and stern, unless you have a better solution. Thanks! Skip

Answer: Skip, We have many customers using our systems on pontoon boats and a several on Bennington’s. Here is a link to our most popular system for Pontoon Boats

From: Wayne G. (6/2/16)
Can the mount fit the transom connections of an ETEC 150 HP motor? Robert G.

Answer: Robert, YES… Our Standard Motor mount will fit an Evenrude ETC 150. Hope that helps

From: Wayne G. (6/1/16)
Are the 3 inch deck rise and the 6 inch deck rise the same length ? Wayne
Answer: Yes… Same length… different heights. Hope that helps.

From: William F. (5/23/16)
What are the boat size and weight limits with a 10 to 12 foot pole. I am interested in using this. William F.
Answer: William, Our systems are designed for boats up to 26 feet in length. For the larger boats (20 to 26 Ft) we recommend a Fish Hunter package. Hope that helps

From: Mike B (5/17/16)
I have a couple questions about your product.
1. Will this item work in sand/mud/clay? 
2. Will this item be strong enough to hold the stern of my Hurricane SD2000, which weighs almost 4000#? I will only need it to support the stern with the bow anchored on sandbars, etc. 
3. Do you have a trial period where I can try it out and see it it works? 
4. Do you guys have a motor mount that ties into the outboard bracket to prevent me from having to drill holes in my boat? 
5. How does it handle boat wake and waves?
1. Yes… Our systems will work well
2. Yes… We recommend a Fish Hunter package for a boat that big
3. No… Our system work all over the United States and Canada
4. Yes… Its called the Standard motor Mount.
5. We recommend that you put boat or car wax on the anchor poles every 3 to 4 uses. That way the poles will slide up and down in the mount easily when you encounter a wave or small waves.

Hope that helps

From: Arnold J (5/10/16)
Can these be shipped to Missouri? Will motor mount fit Mercury 115 4 Stroke?
Answer: Arnold, Yes.. We can ship to Missouri. Yes… The motor mount will fit on your Mercury 115.

From: Bruce P (4/27/16)
Have a Bass Tracker Bass Buggy 16 and I am thinking of adding shallow water anchors what model package to you recommend? Bruce

Answer: Bruce, for the pontoon boats we recommend two (2) Three Inch Deck Rise Bow Mounts and two (2) 10 Foot Anchor Poles. Your choice of colors. Hope that helps

From: Greg N (4/1/16)

I have an anchor pole that has an outside diameter of 1-7/16″. Will my pole fit in you anchor?
Answer: Greg, NO… Our poles are specifically design for our Mounts to reduce wear and extend pole life. Hope that helps.

From: Tyler P (3/29/16)
I have a Mako ProSkiff 17 equipped with a 60 hp Mercury outboard. The boat is used to fish coastal inshore waters along with many bass lakes. Would one 10-12′ pole system suffice to hold the boat in coastal winds and currents? Also, would a standard motor mount work for my boat?
Answer: Tyler, Yes… a (1) one pole system will hold your boat. You may see the move move or turn around the pole as the wind or current changes. A fish hunter package (Bow & Stern mount) will solve that problem. Yes, a standard motor mount will work on your Mako ProSkiff 17 with the 60 hp Mercury outboard. Recommend Standard Motor mount and a 3 Inch Deck Rise Bow mount with your choice of pole length.

From: Melvin N (2/25/16)
Can i just purchase the Standard Motor Mounts only? Melvin
Answer: Melvin, yes you can… here is a link…
Hope that helps

From: Alvin M (2/23/16)
I have a pontoon boat and didn’t see any pics of anyone putting these on pontoon boats. Can they be installed on pontoon boats without any problem? and do they have to be completely removed before moving or is there a way to hold them just above the waterline while moving to another location.
Alvin M

Answer: Alvin, here is a video of our systems mounted on a Pontoon Boat. Most people install (2) 3 Inch Rise bow mounts. One for the front and one of the back. If the boat is in the water, we provide pole clamps to hold the poles up when moving short distances. If you are going to start the big motor and move fast.. take the poles out and store in the clips provided… Hope that helps.

From: Bruce H (2/1/16)
Where is the nearest dealer from Tiusville, FL and Okeechobee, FL?
Is there any issues with rough wavy waters?
I have a 22 foot ponton boat and i am tired of fighting wind and wave action.

Answer: Bruce… Here is a link to all of our Retailers in Florida
Our poles are design to slide up & down thru the mount. A big 5 foot roller will pick the boat up so far that the pole will be pulled off of the bottom. After the boat settles… just tap the top of the pole and it will Dig In Again.
We have many customers that have installed our Fish Hunter system on there pontoon boats to stop that very same thing. Watch this video… AL Conceicao – WHY HE LIKES Dig In Anchors for Pontoon Boats

From: Michael W – Columbus, NJ  (1/28/16)

I live in New Jersey and I have a Sundance F19CCR boat. I often crab in Barnegat Bay which is pretty shallow in most areas that I crab in. I’m thinking about installing sometime like your Dig In shallow water anchor cause using mushroom anchors are heavy and I have shoulder problems as I am getting older 61 now. Do you think this would be a good option for my bow and stern to help hold boat in position when using my crabbing drop lines. Will it hold my boat with confidence? Thanks

Answer: Michael.. Good question… I got a call recently from a husband and wife who are in they’re Eighties. They fish Lake Okeechobee. The reason they purchased our Fish Hunter package is… The rope and claw anchor is to heavy at they’re age. Our system will defiantly will hold your crab boat.

From: John K  (1/25/16)
I have a 20′ pioneer sport fisher. I fish in the intercoastal waterway in charleston sc. I have an issue when I anchor the front of the boat the back of the boat moves side to side in the tidal current. if I purchase your anchor rod for the back of my boat do you think it will keep my boat from moving side to side. thanks for your advice. John
Answer: John, short answer is YES. Our pole anchor will keep the back of the boat fixed… What you will find is the front of the boat will move because of the rope or chain. Get a Fish Hunter package (Bow & Stern mounts). That will keep both ends stuck like a bug in a rug. Hope that helps

From: Truett T  (1/19/16)
I am considering another mount for my dig in anchor. The 3″ rise deck mount in black. Do you have a item number for this? Any options on the mounting hardware. Truett
Answer: Truett… The item number is D3RBM-BK.

From: Travis T  (1/11/16)
Can i buy directly from you? I want a yellow 10′ pole. Travis T.
Answer: Travis… Yes… The shipping for 10 foot poles is $85.00. You would be better off purchasing a 10 foot pole from one of our Retailers like West Marine, to save on shipping. Hope that helps

From: Barry T  (1/7/16)
I have an 8′ motor mount system one year old and the stick has split leaving a quarter inch groove two thirds the length of the stick? Why did yhis occur? Barry T.
Answer: Barry, the mounts last a lifetime, unless something like running into the dock happens. The poles do wear out. Pole lifespan depends on how they are used, how much they are used and how they are taken care of each time they are used. We recommend putting boat or car wax on the pole with a cloth every 3 or 4 times the pole is used. The wax will extend the life of the pole, make it slide thru the mount easier and prevent binding. Binding puts a lot of stress on the pole. Even with this maintenance… the poles do wear out. Hope that helps.

From: Ron L  (1/6/16)
Hello, I own a 2014 Nitro Z-7 that has a Merc 150 horse Optimax engine on it. Can you please confirm for me that the standard motor mount will work on my rig. Thanks much and Happy New year! Ron
Answer: Ron, Yes… our Standard Motor Mount will work on your Merc 150 Optimax. Our mounts are designed for Johnson, Evenrude, Mercury, Yamaha & Susuki. Hope that helps. Don’t forget to send us pictures of Big Fish

From: Wes K  (12/21/15)
We have one of your anchors with a 10ft pole. The fiberglass is getting splinters in our hands when we use it. I guess it is showing age. What can we do about this?
Answer: Wes, unfortunately our poles do wear out and need to be replaced. In the future… Put some boat or car wax on the pole every 3 or 4 times you use it. That is the best way to increase the life of the pole.

From: Gary M  (12/7/15)
I’m not sure of the pole length I need. If I get a size too large, can I cut to length and put the “handle” back on?
Answer: Gary… Most people go with a ten foot anchor pole. If you go with a 12 footer, yes.. you can cut it down and put the handle back on or grind a new tip. Hope that helps.

From: Dan N  (10/29/15)
Can I purchase the Black 12′ pole alone, without the bracket ?
Answer: Yes – Where City/State are you emailing from..??? Shipping on the 12Ft poles is very expensive. You would be better off buying a 12 ft pole from one of our Retailers to save on shipping. Hope that helps

From: Paul S – Panama City, FL  (7/27/15)
I want to use the motor mount system. My polling skiff has just about 6 inches from dead center of motor bolt to the trim tabs. Do you have one that will fit??? Paul
Answer: Paul, Please email me a picture of the stern of the boat. I’ll be able to recommend a mount to you when I can see where its going. Hope that Helps.

From: Dexter – New Rochelle, NY  (7/24/15)
Can you buy the pole alone? I would like a 10 or 12 ft. anchor in black. I live in New Rochelle, NY. The postal code is 10801.
Answer: Yes you can. Shipping on the 10ft is $85.00 and the 12Ft is $150.00. The Best place to buy our longer poles is West Marine. So you don’t have to pay the shipping charge. I believe the closest on to you is.

Soundview Marketplace
16 Soundview Market Pl
Port Washington, NY 11050
Phone:(516) 944-1729
Open today · 9:00 am – 7:00 pm

Call the store and tell them to look up… DP-10-BK or DP-12-BK.. in their computer system. If the store does not have it in stock… they can get it from the Warehouse in a couple days. Hope that Helps

From: Brett Z – Three Rivers, MI  (7/20/15)
I have a 20 ft Bennington Pontoon on a fresh water lake, would your product work well on my boat? We anchor at a sandbar and can have a lot of wave action. Thanks

Answer: Our systems will work on your Pontoon boat. Most Pontoon owners go while 2 3 Inch Deck Rise Bow Mounts. One on the Bow and One on the Stern with (2) 10 foot poles. Call me if I can help you out. (386) 308-7745. Hope that helps

From: Buddy  – New Smyrna, FL  (7/7/15)
I have an 18′ Tidewater Bay Max, no trim tabs and I am interested in installing a bow and stern mount anchor system. I typically anchor in 3-5′ of water. I am considering the 3″ offset bow mount and the 5″ offset stern mount with 8′ poles. Do I have the correct components. I don’t want to go to the 10′ poles unless absolutely necessary since I rarely fish 5′ of Walter.

Answer: 8 foot pole work work great on the stern because the mount sits at the water line. The bow mount sits on the deck of the Tidewater Bay Max and is 2 to 3 feet above the water line. We recommend a 10 foot pole for the Bow.
Hope that helps

From: Lake Dalrymple – Mount Hope, ON, CAN  (2/12/14)
Good Morning I own a 2006 MirrorCraft 1744 Dual Impact Boat – the boat is equipped with a Minn Kota Bow Mounted Terrova Electric Motor and the Outboard is a 90 HP 2009 Evinrude, that has a Dolphin attached near the propeller to assist the boat getting up on plane more quickly.
Also please note we have a small fiberglass platform with a ladder at the rear of the boat to assist a skier getting out of the water. Do you think the bow would be the best spot to place a single Dig In Anchor.  The lake I will be fishing is heavily weeded with milfoil ( how well does your product work on a hard rock bottom in terms of holding the boat in position with assorted sized rock boulders and on flat hard rock surfaces). Do you ship to Canada ( which method would you use Mail, UPS or other courier ) or do you have any dealers setting your product currently in Canada. I’m located in the Province of Ontario Canada approximately 1/2 hour from Hamilton ( Ontario ) Airport located in Mount Hope, ON. Looking forward to your reply.

Answer: I would go with a 3 Inch deck Rise Bow mount and a Standard Motor Mount with (2) 10Ft poles. Single anchor… go with 3 Inch deck Rise Bow mount. Poles will drag on flat pan rock. Gravel… they hold OK. We do ship to Canada. The shipping cost is very high and takes a while with the border crossing and customs. We recommend that you contact the closest West Marine or Cabela’s and order through them. You should be able to save on shipping cost that way. Also, we have an independent retailer that I think is closest to you…

Angling Outfitters
684460 Road 68
Woodstock, Ont N4S 7V7
p: tel:519.539.5494

Hope that helps….

From: James H.  (11/10/13)
R there any establishments that sell ur product here in Central New State (i.e. Syracuse).
Answer: Yes….

West Marine
7909 1/2 Brewerton Rd
Cicero, NY 13039
p: 315.699.0001

From: Ron S.  – College Station, TX  (9/10/13)
I ordered a new Sea Ark aluminum boat a few weeks ago with a Motorglide W55 Wireless trolling motor.  Do you know if your trolling motor mount will work with the Motorglide W55? I plan to use one with Standard Mount in the back as well bolted to the E-Tec 90. Can you tell me more about how the Dig In works in choppy water and waves?

Answer: Ron, Thanks for the question. Yes, I believe our Trolling Motor mount will work on your Motorguide W55 Wireless trolling motor. You will have to drill into the base plate under the plastic cover to attach the Mount. Mount base plate is 3 3/4″ long by 2″ wide. Make sure there is enough base plate to attach the mount. Our systems work well in choppy water. Poles are designed to move up and down in the mounts. That being said, we are talking about two feet of chop or less. If you get a big rolling wake off a passing boat the pole will lift and you will have to reset it. Keep the pole waxed and you should not have a problem. Hope that helps…

From: Brian M  – NC  (9/9/13)
Can I use the Anchor Pole System in the salt water river where there is a light to medium current? I have a Pontoon boat that I have a very hard time anchoring in the river. Thank you for your help.
Answer: Brian, Yes we have many customer that fish for redfish in the saltwater intercoastal. Because the pontoon boats are so big we recommend using two systems (one for the bow and one for the stern). Hope that helps

From: Rick C.  –  Decatur, IL  (9/4/13)
Can I buy just the pole 12′  is it all one piece.   can i get them in 1″ or bigger diameter.
Answer: Rick, Yes, you can buy just the pole. Due to UPS shipping costs I recommend getting the 12′ poles from one of our Retailers. That way you don’t pay the freight.  The poles are one piece and 12 feet long. Right now we only offer them in 3/4″ diameters. (larger diameters add a lot of weight) Hope that helps.

From: Ray (7/31/13)
Just bought Mako 17 Skiff.  What package would be appropriate?

Answer: Ray, Nice looking boat. Fish Hunter Package. 5 Inch Transom Mount (if No trim tabs) & 3 Inch Deck Rise Bow Mount….  10ft Anchor Poles your choice of pole color… Hope that helps

From: Jeff P.  –  Lake Forest, IL  (6/18/13)
I have a 20 foot pontoon boat that is about 2000 pounds empty. I was thinking about two 3 inch rise mounts with two 8 foot poles. The water is only 3 to 5 feet deep. Do you think these will work?
Answer: Jeff, Absolutely… We have had many customers use that same setup on there pontoon boats… Might want to go with 10Ft poles…. your call. Hope that helps.

From: Michael M.  –  Charleston, SC  (6/11/13)
I have a Sea Fox 200xt (2012)(150 Yamaha) and want to put a digin on both ends.  Want to make sure I get the right ones.  Would like the 12′.  Please advise.

Answer: Cal,Go with the Standard Motor Mount and the 3 Inch Deck Rise Bow Mount. Here is a link to make it easy…

From: Cal C.  –  Mount Pleasant, SC  (6/10/13)
I bought 2- 12′ poles two years ago.  The rubber O-rings don’t last long.  Can you tell me the exact size of replacement O-rings please?Or do you have a clamp that works better?
Answer: Cal, Yes… We changed to a $1.97 pole clamp several years ago. Here is a link: We add $6.95 for shipping (USPS if it fits it ships box)

From: Joe R.  –  York, PA  (6/9/13)
I own a Bass tracker 2013 Pro160 bass boat. I want the hunter package, what is the model I could need, I want the 8 foot model.
Answer: Joe, Go with a Standard Motor Mount, 3″ Deck Rise Bow Mount & (2) 8Ft Anchor Poles. Your choice on finish… Chrome, Black or Camouflage. Hope that helps.

From: David S.  –  Glenville, GA  (6/7/13)
Trying my best to figure out how/where to buy a Standard Motor Mount (Bolt ON) and if it comes with the pole etc. I have a 22′ bay boat with a yamaha 150hp

Answer: David, Any of our local retailers have or can get the Standard Motor Mounts. Just ask for part DSMM. Finishes are designated by -CH (chrome annodised), -BK (black annodised), -CMO (Mossy Oak Camouflage). You can also ordr directly from us. Hope that helps.

From: Tami C.  –  Prescott, AR  (5/30/13)
I have a 16 ft small party barge that I fish in shallow water a lot. The boat isn’t too heavy. Will one of your poles work for my boat. If so, which one do you recommend?

Answer: Tami, if by “Party Barge” you mean pontoon boat then yes. We have many customers that use (2) two 3 Inch deck rise bow mounts (bow & stern) to hold the pontoon boat still. Hope that helps.

From: James J.  –  Oshawa, Ontario – Canada  (5/29/13)
Can I order direct and have it shipped? Let me know, tournament season coming up.

Answer: James, Yep… sure can.

From: Allen M.  –  Pt Charlotte, FL  (5/8/13)
The adjustable stopper flange (a guess at what it is called) on my 10′  Dig in anchor is cracked and I’m about to loose it all together. Where can I order replacement parts. I originally purchased it from West Marine but they do not carry replacement parts. Thanks so much, Allen May

Answer: Allen, Pole Clamps are $1.97 + Shipping (USPS). Call me at 386.308.7745 or click here…

From: John D.  –  Manhattan, KS  (5/4/13)
I am very interested in the Standard Motor and Trolling Motor mount package with the 12ft poles. Two questions, First: I have a Ranger Riata with a Mercury ProXS OptiMax 225.  I presume this mount will fit on my motor without modification? Second; I’m a little reluctant to pay $150 for shipping the 12 ft. poles. Is there any place in Kansas where I may drive to pick these up rather than have them shipped to my home to save that cost?  Appreciate your time.
Answer: John, Standard Motor mount is design to fit Johnson, Evanrude, Mercury, Yahama, Honda & Susuki. Here are our Retailers in Kansas.


Gear Up Inc.
912 Industrial Rd
Augusta, KS 67010
p: 316.691.4590
10300 Cabela Drive
Kansas City, KS 66111
p: 913.328.0322
2427 North Greenwich Road
Wichita, KS 67226
p: 316.854.3130


Hope that helps…

From: Danny C.  –  Palm Coast , FL  (4/29/13)
I have a 18 ft Carolina skiff with a 75 hp 4 stroke. What do I need for this boat fishing in 5 to 11 ft of water. Can u provide me with the cost including installation. I an in palm coast. Thanks Danny

Carolina Skiff
Answer: Danny, Nice boat. I would recommend a 3 Inch Rise Bow Mount with a 10ft or 12 Ft pole. If you want to control both ends of the boat (Bow & Stern) go with a 3 Inch Rise Bow Mount & a Standard Motor Mount. Again with you choice of pole. 10ft Pole has an effective anchoring length of about 8 1/2 feet. 12ft Pole has an effective  length of about 10 1/2 feet. Both systems are very easy to install yourself (DIY). Hope that helps.

From: Ronnie V.  –  Dallas, GA  (4/21/13)
I have  a 2011 Tracker fishing pontoon .  The trolling motor is on the front center.  I want to order the right application.  Can you help.  Thanks
Answer: Ronnie, most pontoon boat owners go with (2) 3 Inch Rise Bow Mounts. One for the Bow & One for the stern.

From: Mike  –  Easton, MA  (4/20/13)
I have a Tracker ProTeam 175 with a 50 HP Mercury motor. Do you have a standard motor mount to fit this engine on the Port side of the Motor?
Answer: Mike, Our Standard Motor Mounts are designed to fit… Johnson, Evanrude, Mercury, Yamaha, Honda & Susuki. We have both Port & Starboard models. Only question remaining is what finish do you want…? Chrome (anodized) or Black (anodized) or Camo.

From: Mike P.  –  Mauston, WI  (4/20/13)
Mounting the 3″ bow rise mount to a carpet deck with bottom access,do you have to seal the mounting holes and how?
Answer: Mike, most people don’t seal the screws for the bow mounts as they are on the deck and don’t get a high volume of water.  That being said, a little dab of Marine sealer on the screws wouldn’t hurt.  Hope that helps.

From: Fred  (4/19/13)
I have a 26 foot Striper Walk Around..  We picnic and/or fish in the harbor.  Would your product hold a 26 foot boat in a relatively calm harbor ?
Answer: I believe a transom mount with and 8 or 10ft pole would due the trick. For a boat that size… any wind or current is going to be an issue… you might need two mounts and two poles.

From: Steve S. – Cocoa, FL  (4/19/13)
I need to order an 8 foot pole only, someone stole it out of my boat. thank you, Steve.
Answer: Steve, Bummer….  He is the link you are looking for…

From: Roger T. – Huntsville, AL  (4/18/13)
Answer: Yep… No problem.

From: Angel –  Lancaster, PA  (4/7/13)
Hi, I want a know the price just for a 3″ Deck Rise Mount W/O Rod.
Answer: Angel, The price for a 3 Inch Rise Bow mounts is $182.97 + shipping. Give us a call at 386.308.7745 0r Click Here… Hope that helps

From: Angel V –  Lancaster, PA  (3/21/13)
Do you make Transom Mount for Port Side and Starboard Side?  I have my platform and Ladder in Starboard side.
Answer: Angel, Yes… We have standard motor mounts for port or starboard. Also, our 5 Inch and 10 Inch transom mounts work on either port or starboard. Hope that helps.

From: Martin S –  Ashland, WI  (3/15/13)
Will it work on a pontoon boat in the high wind?
Answer: Martin, We have many customers that use the Dig IN Systems on Pontoon boats. If you are going to be in a high wind situation you absolutely need a Bow and a stern System. Hope that helps.

From: John C –  PA  (3/12/13)
Sorry if this gets asked a lot.  I went through a bunch of the frequent questions and did not see this (way to many to look through them all). I fish mostly the Susquehanna River.  Its mostly a hard bottom river, solid rock, nothing to dig into.  Will this work still?  If so, how would it work?  Thank you in advance!
Answer: John, We have many customers from Maryland and Pennsylvania that fish the Susquehanna River.  On the rocky surfaces the pole lodges in the rocks. Hope that helps

From: Larry T – Lake Worth, FL  (3/11/13)
Do you have mounts for pontoon boats. If so what is price for mount and 12 ft pole?
Answer: Larry, We have had many people use the 3 Inch rise bow mounts for pontoon boats. Check out the website for pricing. Hope that helps.

From: Rob – Lusby, Maryland  (2/28/13)
Have you ever tried 2 dig in anchors in the back of the boat?
Answer: Rob, We have had people put two stern mounts on they’re boat. They are trying to look the the Power Pole deal. We know that a bow mount AND a stern mount give more control over each end of the boat. I have one Prostaff guy who has two stern mounts (either side of the stern) and a bow mount with two poles. He likes the convenience of dropping a pole and casting. Hope that helps.

From: Bill D  (2/21/13)
I guide the Rogue River in southern Oregon on anchor for spring salmon usually in 3 – 9 ft. of water. We use a locally developed anchor to hold in the packed gravel bottom, but when the wind blows, we use 2 drift socks to keep the boat from swaying. Downside of the drift socks is that they still allow the boat to sway in heavy wind and will pull the boat off anchor. Do you think the Dig In on the stern would keep my 25 ft. aluminum jet boat from swaying in the wind when anchored on a 2”-4” gravel bottom?
Answer: Bill, Good question… Yes… I think it will…

From: Chuck D  (2/18/13)
I am considering purchasing your trolling motor mount system for my pathfinder 23′ bay boat.  I have a Minnkota digital 80lb thrust motor.  Will your mount fit that trolling motor? Thanks, Chuck D
Answer: Chuck, Looks to me like it will… Looked up pictures of your Minnkota digital 80lb thrust motor on google images…Did I answer your question OK…? If not.. call me at 386.308.7745… Email me a picture of your trolling motor first so I can tell you where to mount it.

From: JS  (2/14/13)
Hello, I had a couple questions regarding your dig in anchor. First, how do you stow the rod when fishing at a slow pace; will it stay stationery out of the water for prompt deployment when ready, or do you have to keep it out of the guide sleeve altogether until ready to actually stake into the bottom (none of the pictures demonstrate that)? Second, is all mounting hardware included and all stainless steel (corrosion proof)? What are the color options; is black one? How deep are they good for (6 – 8 feet)? Thank you, JS Sewell
Answer: JS … Thanks for the questions

1.) How do you stow the rod when fishing at a slow pace..?
Ans: We the 8ft poles generally fit in a rod locker. We also provide clips that hold the pole to the gunel

2.) Will it stay stationery out of the water for prompt deployment when ready, or do you have to keep it out of the guide sleeve altogether until ready to actually stake into the bottom (none of the pictures demonstrate that)?
Ans: We provide a pole clamp to hold the pole up off the bottom in the mount when moving short distances at slow speeds (ie on the trolling motor)

3.) Is all mounting hardware included and all stainless steel (corrosion proof)?
Ans: Mounts are anodized aluminum and hardware is stainless

4.) What are the color options; is black one?
Ans: Chrome, Black & Camo

5.) How deep are they good for (6 – 8 feet)?
Ans: depends on the boat. ex.) triton bass boat 8ft is good in about 6ft of water

Hope That helps… Any other questions, gives us a call at 386.308.7745
From: Mike – Madison, WS  (1/28/13)
Mike, Thanks for the questions…
Question: Are the anchor poles telescopic?
Answer: No.. Solid poles
Question: Does the marina in Monona Wisconsin have a good inventory of your dig in product line?
Answer: From reports I get from West Marine, I do not see that Monona has inventory in store. You can however order thru the Monona store and it will be shipped from West Marine’s warehouse. Saves you a lot on the 10 & 12 Ft anchor poles. Let me know if that helps

From: David D. – Havana, FL  (1/18/13)
Question: What would you recommend for 21 ft Hurricane GS model. What is the recommended storage for the poles on the boat when not in use? Is there any disadvantage in using the 12 ft pole is say 2-3 ft of water?
Answer: David, Go with a Standard motor mount for the Stern and a 3 Inch Rise Bow mount for the Bow. For the Hurricane go with and 8ft pole for the Stern and a 12ft pole for the bow. We provide all mounting hardware and storage clips for the 19 and 12 foot anchor poles… Hope that helps…

From: Phillip M. (10/27/12)
Question: we have a 16 ft Benington 165 SI Pontoon fishing boat. Have you ever done these on a pontoon boat?
Answer: Yes, Very popular in Florida & Texas. Most go with (2) 3 Inch rise Bow mounts. Its a custom package


From: Bill. – North Port, FL (10/9/12)
Question: I have a 20 ft Encore pontoon fisherman. Is your unit strong enough to hold this type boat. Would probably like to install on middle of front deck that has some angled rise because of rear weight. If so, which unit?? Thx.
Answer: Bill,  We have our systems installed on a lot of Pontoon Boats. The setup that is most popular is two (2) 3 Inch Deck Rise Bow Mounts with 10Ft Anchor Poles. Hope that helps…




From: Rob F. – San Antonio, TX  (9/16/12)
Question: Will the dig in system work on my 28 foot trytoon?
Answer: Yes Rob… they will work on your tritoon. We have had several people put our systems on pontoon boats. Most people have installed the 3 inch rise bow mount. Hope That Helps.




From: Roger B. – Monterey, CA  (9/13/12)
Question: Trolling Motor Mount – Install video mentions two versions, 45 and 90 degree mounting plates.
1. Can the 45 degree version be mounted either angled forward or backward?
2. What are the SKU or item numbers for the two versions?
Thanks, Roger
Answer: Roger, thanks for the question. 1.) Yes, the 45 degree Trolling motor mount can be installed sweeping either backward or forward. 2.) There is no special SKU for the 45 degree Trolling Motor Mount, just select it when ordering or call us directly at 386.308.7745 to order. Hope that helps…

From: Tim D. – Columbus, OH  (9/10/12)
Question: Could you tell me the angle your Transom mount has between the flat bolting area and the centerline of the pole tube?  The reason for the question is to see if my angled transom will allow your bracket to hold the pole “plumb”…
Answer: Tim, thanks for the question. 15 degrees…. Hope that helps…

From: John T  (8/28/12)
Question: Hello, Can I buy just your 5″ Offset Transom Mount? If so, How much?
Answer: John, thanks for the question. Yes. $168.97 + Shipping ($15) Here is a link… Hope that helps

From: Carl M  (8/23/12)
Question: Are the pole measurements end to end? The picture shows what looks like a handle, a grip and a clip with “usable” length below that. For example what would be maximum length that would stick out below the bottom of a 3” deck rise mount for a 10’ pole? Thanks….Carl
Answer: Carl, Actual pole lengths – 8Ft, 10Ft & 12 Ft… Usable length below the mount.. 8Ft – 6Ft, 10Ft – 8Ft & 12 Ft – 10Ft. Hope that helps.

From: Jason M. – Deridder, LA  (8/18/12)
Question: Hey I own an older model skeeter boat and really like your system. I’m looking for the bow stern combo system but needing help picking out what type of mounts I need. I have a 6 in offset jack plate on the back.
Answer: Jason, We would recommend a 3 Inch Rise Bow mount and a Standard Motor Mount for the Stern. Your choice of poles. 10Ft is the most popular. Hope that helps.

From: Harry  (8/17/12)
Question: Do all the brackets come with sealant or “O”rings? I have a Stick pole and was wondering if it will work with your bracket.  Can you tell me the inside diameter of the pole bracket hole? 
Answer: Harry, 1.) No, the brackets do not come with sealant or “O”rings? 2.) We don’t recommend using other manufacturers poles with our mounts. 3.) Inside diameter of the pole bracket hole is 3/4 of an inch. Hope that helps.

From: Peter L. (8/16/12)
Question: Why the 12′ pole cost much more than the 8′ pole?  Is it because it is longer, it needs to be strengthened?  Please respond as soon as possible.  Thanks. Peter
Answer: Peter, The 12 Ft anchor Pole costs more because it is longer. Hope that helps.

From: Cory (7/20/12)
Question: Is it possible to get just the 12 foot anchor or do I have to buy a mount as well?
Answer: Yes, you can buy just a 12ft pole. Call us at 386.308.7745

From: Chad – McComb, MS (6/15/12)
Question: I have a skeeter zx225 with a 12in bobs hydraulic jack plate do yall make mount to fit it? I am interested in dual poles for the back.
Answer: Chad, Go with two Standard Motor Mounts. We now offer  Port & Starboard mounts. Most popular pole length is 10Ft. Hope that Helps.

From: Brandon W. – Gillespie, IL (6/6/12)
Question: I have 2000 G3 pro 175. would like to know what recomendation would be 4 transom and bow mount. Im worried about mount interfearing with side imaging. My 7 year old and i crappie fish 3-5 times a week and also in local tourneys 4 crappie. think great product by videos.
Answer: Brandon, Looked up a picture of you boat on Google Images. We recommend a 5 Inch Transom mount for the stern and a 3 Inch Rise Bow Mount. Both mounts can be installed easily and position so not to interfere with other equipement. 10ft Anchor poles are the most popular. Hope that helps.

From: Michael M. – Plymount, IN (5/20/12)
Question: I am purchasing a 2011 Skeeter zx2250 bay boat.  I am interested in your dig in fish hunter package.  The boat has MinKota trim tabs installed…, will the motor mount bracket work or does it come over to far and will end up hitting the trim tab? Also what mount should I get for the bow?
Answer: Michael, The Standard Motor Mount bracket extends out from the motor bolts 7 3/4 Inches. Should clear just fine. For the Bow… go with a 3 inch rise deck mount or trolling motor mount. Hope that helps.

From: Gary S. (5/18/12)
Question: Hello, I have not received an answer back on my question.   I am interested in knowing which model bow anchor I need for a Hydrasports Vector 2400. Thanks
Answer: Gary, Looked up an image of your Hydrasports Vector 2400 on Google images. 5 Inch Transom mount or Standard Motor Mount will work on the stern. Looks like a 3 Inch Deck Rise Bow mount will work on the Bow.  With your boat definitely go with a 10Ft anchor pole on the stern and a 12Ft on the Bow. Hope that helps.

From: Stephen – FL (5/15/12)
Question: Hello I was looking at the 5 inch transom mount with a 10 foot pole. Can I also purchase the 3 inch rise deck mount only? Would like the option of front or back anchoring without purchasing 2 poles. If so what would be the entire cost plus shipping to Florida
5 Inch Transom Mount & 10Ft Pole: $262.97
3 Inch Deck Rise Bow Mount: $182.97
Florida Shipping: $85.00
This is a specialty order so call us at 386.308.7745 Hope that helps

From: Franklin S. (5/16/12)
Question: Can you buy just the poles and how much would they cost.
Answer: Franklin, Yes you can…
8Ft Anchor Pole: $69.97
 + Shipping:$25.00 –

10Ft Anchor Pole: $94.97 + Shipping: $85.00 –

12Ft Anchor Pole: $129.97 + Shipping: $150.00 –

Hope that helps

From: Stephen – FL (5/15/12)
Question: Hello I was looking at the 5 inch transom mount with a 10 foot pole. Can I also purchase the 3 inch rise deck mount only? Would like the option of front or back anchoring without purchasing 2 poles. If so what would be the entire cost plus shipping to Florida
5 Inch Transom Mount & 10Ft Pole: $262.97
3 Inch Deck Rise Bow Mount: $182.97
Florida Shipping: $85.00
This is a specialty order so call us at 386.308.7745 Hope that helps

From: Craig – Johnston, IA (5/14/12)
Question: I own a 2011 Tracker pt 175 txw.  I was wondering if you could tell me the price of the fish hunter pkg with the standard motor mount & 3″ rise deck mount with one 8′ pole and one 10′ pole. From what I gathered from the FAQ’s this is the pkg that would work with my boat. Thanks, Craig
Answer: Craig, Here you go…
Mount & Pole:
       Shipping: $85.00
Here is a direct link:
Hope that helps.

From: Dale – Gainesville, FL (4/30/12)
Question: I have a 200 Bass Tracker Proteam 175. I want an anchoring system but was concerned about a few thing. Firsat I have a Minn Kota Edge and was wondering what size and type screw come with the kit and does it get mounted directly to the plastic cover? If I chose the other bow mount which one would be best also if I drill holes how do I know the running light or trolling motor wires arent directly beneath the place where Id drill?
Answer: Dale, With the Trolling Motor mounts we supply nuts and bolts to attach the mount to the Trolling mount base channel. Yes most people attached the mount right over the plastic cover. If you decide on one of the other bow mounts go with the 3 Inch Deck Rise mount and just be careful not to drill into any wires. Hope that helps.

From: Mark C. – Annapolis, MD (4/11/12)
Question: Hey Mike,  I have a 1997 Ranger 518 DVS.  I expect that you would recommend the fisherman package,but what mounts would you recomend and what length poles.  I guess my biggest reservations are how to store the poles on my small bass boat.  Wish you had a collapsable version.  Either way I wanted to ensure that the unit is appropriate to mount into my transom.  I do fish some Maine lakes as well but mainly Maryland rivers with current and wind.
Answer: Mark, Definitely go with the Standard Motor Mount, 6 Inch Rise Bow Mount and (2) 10ft Anchor Poles. Here is the link. Hope that helps.

From: Denny (4/9/12)
Question: I have a 2005 Tracker Pro Crappie 175. Which bow mount would be best for my boat? 3″ or “rise?
Answer: Denny, Definitely the 3Inch Bow mount

From: Ron R. – Bartlesville, OK (4/6/12)
Question: I Thought you had a a motor mount model for motors mounted on jack-plates???  Or not?
Answer: Ron, The mount you are looking for is for a manual Jack Plate. Hear are the links we talked about.
Manual Jack Plate Mount & 10Ft Anchor Pole…
Manual Jack Plate Mount, 6In Bow Mount & (2) 10Ft Anchor Poles…
Hope that helps.

From: Terry C.  (4/3/12)
Question: Do you make a motor mount for a Honda 130 for the left side? Thx.
Answer: Terry, Yes, we have a Standard Motor Mount for the left side.

From: Tim C. – Clinton, VA (4/2/12)
Question: Hello, I would to buy 2 of your anchor systems. I have a 1997 bass cat erya. It has a electric jackpate that I would like to install the transom mount. I don’t see a jackplate mount listed but I see where others have asked about it and you said you have them. On the front I am not sure if I would want the trolling motor mount or the bow mount. Its a motorguide trolling motor and mount. Which do yall suggest Could you contact me and send me a picture of the jackplate mount and price for the combo. I would like the 10ft poles. Thanks Tim
Answer: Tim, the Jack Plate mount we offer is for a manual Jack plate. For your boat go with a Standard Motor Mount with a Trolling motor mount. The 10Ft anchor poles are by far the most popular. Hope that helps.

From: Mark G. – Waco, TX (3/30/12)
Question: I have a 19.5 ft zx195 skeeter bass boat. I was looking at power poles and came across this design. This seems to be more what I’m looking for. Im not sure what to order. I’m assuming the standard motor mount and 3 inch rise combo would be best for me. I have a jack plate on the motor. I don’t really want to drill into the transom plus not sure if there’s a good spot to drill anyways. Will this product interfere with the motor steering and will it fit a skeeter. What is your recommendation for my boat.
Answer: Mark, Yes… the 3Inch Bow Mount & a Standard Motor Mount will work great on your zx195 skeeter. Please let me know if you have any other questions or comments. Hope that helps

From: Tom W. – SE, FL (3/20/12)
Question: Hello, I have a 20 ft Polar Bay Boat Center Console. I have trim tabs. I fish in the SE Florida area in sandy hard bottoms. Will this pole hold my boat? I am very interested. Thanks Tom
Answer: Tom, The short answer is Yes. Our systems will hold your boat. We are based in Daytona and the systems were originally designed and tested on mosquito lagoon. Hope that helps.

From: Donny S. – Taylorville, IL (3/8/12)
Question: I am interested in purchasing this product and have some questions. I have a 2011 Bass Tracker pt 175 TF and I am not sure how to store the 10′ poles when not in use. I dont really want a bow mount and would be interested in two motor mounts. Is that mount able to be used on either side of the motor? If i decided on the 8′ poles, aprox. what is the max water depth that these would be effective in?

Answer: Donny, You can store the 10ft poles in the gunnel clip we provide. Yes some people install 2 transom mounts and anchor off the stern. Using two stern mounts you will get about 7ft of actual pole use. hope that helps.

From: Paul R. – Tampa, FL (3/7/12)
Question: What are the demensions of the base on the 5″ transom offset base plate?
Answer: 4 inches x 6 inches

From: Doug Z. – (3/6/12)
Question: I would like to know if this anchor will work in river systems that have current and rocky bottoms. I am looking to put one on a jet boat. I fish the Susquehanna River in PA and the upper Potomac in Md. I am just a little concerned about that pole anchoring in a rocky bottom and holding in current.  Thanks
Answer: Doug, Not a problem. We have customers that use our systems on the Potomac and Susquehanna Rivers. Hope that helps.

From: Craig F. – Sydney, Australia  (3/5/12)
Question: Hi there,  I want to order a Fish Hunter Package….Standard Motor Mt & 3″ Rise Deck Bow Mt with 12′ poles in black.  Will also need to ensure quick release for the bow mount to ensure boat cover still works.    Am I correct in assuming the Standard motor mount will fit directly onto a 60HP 4stroke Mercury just by undoing the 2 mounting bolts on one side sliding under and tightening again? Can you advise cost of shipping to Australia?  I also noticed that you offer 2 options.  One door to door and the other pick up at Sydney Airport.  Can you advise how and where I would pickup from Sydney airport.
Answer:  Craig, G’Day.Yes the Standard motor mount and Bow Mount quick release work the way you described them. We designed the Standard Motor Mount to be universal for Johnson, Evinrude, Mercury,Yamaha, Honda & Suzuki. Over the years, we have had many people from Australia ask for shipping to various parts of Australia. I can tell you that shipping one unit is very expensive. That being said, lets talk on the phone (386.308.7745) and see if we can figure out how to get you your Fish Hunter package. We may be able to find or develop an import/export agreement for you. If all else fail, I may deliver this one personally as Australia is one of my favorite countries. Hope that helps.

From: Scott  (3/4/12)
Question: Hello, Can you mount two (2)transom units on back of boat?Will this keep you from turning or spinning around in the wind? Or do you have to have a transome mount and a bow mount to keep you from spinning in the wind? Thanks Scott
Answer:  Scott, Yes, we have some people that put two transom mounts on the back of the boat and it will keep the boat from spinning. Most people use a stern and bow system. It gives them better control. Really depends on your preference. Hope that helps.

From: Scott S. – Casselberry, FL (2/29/12)
Question: How does your system work in currents compared to the power pole system. I flats fish in the Gulf and need a good way to anchor and move…
Answer:  Scott, Good question. While both systems are pole anchors, the Dig IN Anchor has no electric switches and/or hydraulics. Thus it never breaks down. Also, we offer 8ft, 10ft and 12ft anchor poles so you can fit the pole to your style of fishing. Further, the Dig IN systems weigh in at about 7 pounds installed versus 75 pounds. Lastly, we have stern mounts AND bow mounts so you can anchor BOTH end of the boat. Reduces drain on trolling motor battery. Hope that helps.

From: James L. – San Diego, CA (2/28/12)
Question: i have a 18 foot tracker bass boat is there any problem with that holding my boat without breaking pole ?  and do you sell just 12 foot pole seperate, would make a great pusher pole in my john boat.
Answer:  James, No problem holding your boat. Poles are designed for boats up to 28Ft. Yes we sell the poles separately and yes they make great push poles as well: Hope that helps…

From: Vince – Aurora, IL (2/26/12)
Question: Mike, I fish a smaller river for flathead catfish, and fish multiple rods off the back of the boat. I typically anchor off the bow, and then drop a second anchor off the back of the boat to stabilize sway and keep the bottom fished lines from dragging around.But I encounter a problem when the river runs low and current is reduced. If a stiff wind blows out of the south, the rope becomes inadequate in minimizing transom sway. This causes the bottom baited lines to drag out of position and into snags, and can make fishing next to impossible.
I believe the Dig In may be the answer. I rarely fish water greater than 8′ deep, the boat is typically anchored in 4′-6′. I guess the question is, how easy is it to deploy in gravel and sand, and how much bite in pole depth can you expect under normal conditions?
I really appreciate any help you can give, and look forward to your reply. Thanks, Vince
Answer:  Vince, We have many customers in Illinois. The anchor poles work well in sand and gravel conditions. Slide the pole down thru the mount. When you feel it hit bottom push down another 3 or 4 inches.

From: Toby – Arlington, TX (2/19/12)
Question: I strickly bass fish and was wondering if the the bow mount or rear mount would be better.
I have a 97 Nitro 591 with a motorguide trolling motor.  I was looking at buying the motor mount or trolling motor mount.  Not sure which one I would need.  If you suggest the trolling mount then the 90 or 45?  I even looked at the package deals and didn’t see the trolling/rear motor combo.  Why is that?  any help is appreciated
Answer: Toby, If you are going to buy one mount then go with a Bow Mount. In your case the (90 degree) Trolling motor mount. 45 degree Trolling Motor mounts were a 2nd generation model. We may offer both if people ask for them. Bow mount will anchor you and will will not deal with spinning around in the wind or current. Most Bassers get a Fish Hunter Package so they can anchor both ends of the boat. We are adding the Trolling Mount and Standard Motor Mount package to the site as it has become very popular.

From: Cy – Calgary (Alberta, Canada) (2/16/12)
Question: how much for a 10′ pole with shipping to 34747
Answer: Anchor Pole: $94.97 + Shipping: $85.00 Hope that helps.

From: Brad. – Davenport, IA (2/13/12)
Question: Does the trolling motor version fit a new Minn Kota Terrova? Storage can be an issue. Are you aware of a way to “quick connect” a rod if it’s made into a two piece rod? thanks, brad
Answer: Brad, Looked up the couple of pictures of the Minn Kota Terrova. Looks like under the plastic cover there is a metal channel that is the base of the entire assembly. So the Trolling motor mount can be attached to the metal base. “Quick connect” simple answer is no. We have an ongoing project to develop a “quick connect” for pole segments. All prototypes thus far have not been reliable. We continue to work on that particular technical challenge.  Hope that helps.

From: Fred P. (2/11/12)
Question: Have a 2009 Seahunt Triton 202. Which anchor system do you recommend? I am thinking the 3-inch bow mount. Thanks.
Answer: Fred, You are definitely on the right track. 3 Inch Deck Rise is very popular on the Tritons. Next thing you will want is the Standard Motor Mount for the Stern. Hope that helps.

From: Nick  – W. New York (2/5/12)
Question: Hello!  I have a 2000 procraft 200 xl pro  it has a 10 inch slidemaster SN: 1197 fixed jackplate on it.  will the motor mount attach to this?  I live in western Ny and fish the finger lakes mostly.  Would just one 10ft pole on the rear be fine?? Thanks.
Answer: Nick, Thanks for the questions. Yes, the Standard Motor mount will work on your boat. It is designed for any Johnson, Evinrude, Mercury, Yahama or Honda motor. You will be happy with one 10ft anchor pole. Though most guys want to anchor both ends to prevent boat spin in the wind or current.

Check out this video:

From: Foster W.  – S. Carolina (1/31/12)
Question: How much does it cost to replace a broken 8 ft, 10 ft or 12 ft pole?
Answer: 8 ft –   $65.97, 10ft –  $94.97, 12 ft – $129.97 plus shipping

From: Kyle C.  – Green Bay Bassmasters (1/30/12)
Question: Hey Mike, Some of my club members have concerns like I had. The front mount bracket is fixed? The video shows that it is easily removable. I would like to be able to just pop the bracket off and on fast. Like I said on the phone I worry about that bracket on the bow in rough water on the great lakes. Is there a quick release available? It sounds like I may have about 5 guys interested in them. Could you please send me a total with the discount you said I would get for a pro staff deal. I will go with the 10ft pole.
Answer: Kyle. Great choice. Yes, each Deck Rise Bow Mount comes with a quick release puck. If you have a drill you can remove the mount in about 30 seconds. If you have a screw driver it takes about a minute and a half. Give me a call and we can discuss the ProStaff program. Good choice on the 10ft pole. It’s our most popular. Hope that helps.

From: John V. – Waymart, PA (1/29/12)
Question: I have a triton aluminum TS18 bass boat with a motor guide 24v 72 on front and a mercury 115 on back, fish alot of local lakes in north east us. i hate fishing in windy conditions and trying to control my boat. what would you suggest. and what problem would i have with a boat cover. Thanks
Answer: John, Thanks for the question. If You hate controlling the boat in windy conditions then a Fish Hunter Package is the way to go. Quick release on the Bow Mount will let you use the boat cover whenever the boat needs to be covered. Hope that helps.


From: Rod S.  – Blair, NE (1/17/12)
Question: I would like to buy one of your dig-in anchors–I would like to know a few things first. Is it the same diameter top to bottom or is it tapered? Is there anything on the tip. I assume as the bottom gets beat up in time, that you can just saw off the damaged part and keep using it in a little shorter version? Do you sell just the pole without the mounting hardware and how much is it?  I am interrested in either a 10″ or 12″ model.
Answer: Rod, Yes the pole are one dimension top to bottom. The bottoms are tapped with a pointed cone. Nothing on the bottom, just a point. You are right, if the pole point flattens out then its very easy to put another point on it. Yes, we do sell the poles and mounts separately. Price depends on the pole length you want. Just give us a call at 386.308.7745. We have 6ft, 8ft, 10ft & 12ft poles in stock. Hope that helps.

From: Fred F. – Tampa, FL  (1/16/12)
Question: Is there a dealer in  the Tampa or St Petersburg, Fl Area?
Answer: Fred, Thanks for the question. Here you go.

West Marine
3905 W Cypress St
Tampa, FL 33607
p: 813.348.0521
West Marine
5001 34th St S
St Petersburg, FL 33711
p: 727.867.5700

West Marine
2010 Tyrone Blvd North
St Petersburg, FL 33710
p: 727.342.8001

From: Andy P. – Schoolcraft, MI (1/12/12)
Question: Thanks for this information, I will share. Have you installed the Jack plate mount on a Bob’s Machine Shop Jackplate?  Do you have a drawing of the Jack plate mount?  What is the price of the jack plate mount.
Answer: Andy, Our Jack plate mounts will fit on this Bob’s Jack Plate. The mount needs two bolts on the side. Most hydraulic Jack Plates don’t have those bolts so we use a Standard Motor Mount.


From: Darin G. – Radford, VA (1/3/12)
Question: I have a Dave Scadden raft that I use as a fishing guide on the New River in Virginia. It is about 15′ long and and a cataraft design. Dig-In-Anchors.comSome stretches of water the current gets pretty quick, but a normal anchor will usually hold fine. I am thinking of getting one of your 6′ anchors instead of using my rope anchor as I have lost several when they get hooked in the rocks and I can’t get back up to get them loose. This sounds like the answer to my prayers, but I am wondering if it would be able to hold me in a current with a max boat weight of, say 1000-1200 lbs? If so, I could easily have mounts made into the frame of the raft and be able to pin myself in different angles. If you think it’s worth a go, I’m willing to risk the money to find out.
Answer: Darin, Looked up a picture of your Dave Scadden raft on Google images.  We have many customers that use our 6ft and 8ft poles for Kayak and  Ganoe fishing. I am absolutely sure eith our 6ft or 8ft anchor poles will work for your application. Hope that helps

From: Bruce B.   (1/2/12)
Question: Will the standard motor mount bracket fit on a 17’Sea Pro Bay Boat with  90 Yamaha? The bolt pattern looks to be more offset where the motor bolts to the boat. Thanks for your help-very interested in optaining your product if it will bolt up!


Answer: Bruce, Just looked up your Sea Pro Bay Boat on Google images. Nice boat. The transom bolt location is the same for all boats. What is different is the slots/holes in the motor manufacturers bracket. Each manufacturer is a little different. We have designed the Standard Motor mount to fit Johnson, Evinrude, Mercury, Yamaha & Honda motor mounts. What we have found is on some boats, the bottom bolt may need to be a 1/4 to 1/2 inch longer. You can get a longer bolt at any Marine or Hardware store. Hope that helps.


From: Jeff W.  – New Brunswick, Canada (12/28/11)
Question: Fish in rivers alot in New brunswick Canada. Run a stratos 201 /250 proxs. Looking at using this to hold boat in heavy currant. Even a 20 lb anchor can’t hold as the bottom as it is  pea gravel. Depth 5 to 15 ft. What Would you recommend ? Front mount ? Merry Christmas


Power-Pole Style Anchor System
Answer: Jeff, Good question. We have many customers that use are systems on quick flowing rivers. Best example is the Mississippi. The guys that just get a Stern mount & pole usually come back and get a Bow Mount & pole after they have been out once or twice. I would recommend one of our Fish Hunter (6 Inch Bow Mt & Bolt On Stern Mt) Packages with 10 foot anchor poles. Hope that helps.


From: Byron K. –  Naples, FL (12/19/11)
Question: Hi Mike: I have a 2006 Nautic Star DC205. I like the Standard Mount for the Stern as not to drill any holes.  Which mount would you suggest for the bow? Also what length poles would you suggest for both? Is a T- Handle Pole available? T/Y


Answer: Byron, Looked up a picture of your 2006 Nautic Star DC205 on Google images. Nice boat. For your boat I would go with the 3 Inch Rise Deck Mount for the front. Pole length is really dependent on the water that you are on the most. Our most popular Anchor Pole is the 10 Footer. We are working on T-handles. Not quite ready to release it yet. Will be in the next couple of months though. Promise.


From: Brock E.   (12/19/11)
Question: Most of the lakes around me are gravel to baseball size rock bottoms.  How well will these hold in the rocks.  I’m running a 17ft aluminum bass boat.
Answer: Brock, Our systems have become popular up around the great lakes (ex. Lake Erie) and the tributaries that feed into the lakes. Most of these streams are rock and gravel bottoms. The tougher bottom actually gives our systems a better place to anchor. Hope that helps.

From: Frank B.  – Haddonfield, NJ (12/19/11)
Question: I have a 23′ Yamaha sx232 Jet boat and live in NJ. My question is about rough water operation. We go to a sandbar in Wildwood and all the boats usually deploy the 2 anchors to keep the boats in place for hours of drinking on the sandbar. Would the Dig in anchor hold up with the rough water near a sandbar or is it more for just temporary stopping and fishing? Thanks!
Answer:Frank, We have a local place in Ponce Inlet, Florida called Disappearing Island (ie. Big sand bar). Check out this photo from 4th of July, 2011


We use the systems when we go down there. Our systems work well when we are on the opposite side of the sand bar from the Ocean side. Systems work well in small to mid-sized surf. Works well on lakes, rivers, inter-coastal areas. Hope that helps


From: Dave K. – Finleyville, PA (12/19/11)
Hi Mike, thank you for your interest in working with the PA Bass Federation Nation with the goal of promoting your Dig IN Anchor shallow water anchor system.


I have reviewed the materials that you emailed to me this weekend.  I am impressed with the utility and simplicity of your product.


The Dig in Anchor provides equal or in my opinion better performance with less weight added to the boat and no drain on battery power.

We will be pleased to work with you to promote the Dig in Anchor.

I have attached a copy of our sponsor letter. I will follow up with a hard copy and I look forward to discussing ways that will be beneficial to your company and our organization.

I look forward to receiving the video and brochure. I have a meeting on Monday the 3rd of January and if I have the video and materials, I will include the use of Dig in Anchors in my training session.

Thank you again for your interest in PBFN. Have a great Holiday. Dave K.


From: Eddie T. – Yarmouth, MA (12/19/11)
Question: I have a 99 18’Stratos. Fish mostly Cape Cod lakes with most day having sustained winds 20+ mph. Will these keep me in place??  Thanks.


MASSACHUSETTS - Power-Pole Style Anchor System | Anchor Quickly & Easily

Answer: Eddie, I looked up a picture of your 99 18’Stratos on Google images. Yes our anchor systems will hold your boat in place. Given that you are in windy conditions a lot, I would recommend one of our Fish Hunter packages to anchor BOTH ends of the boat. Hope that helps.


From: Art W.  – Brooksville, FL (12/16/11)
Question: Will the bow mount system work on my 18′ Sweetwater pontoon boat? - Florida - Shallow Water Anchors | Anchor Quickly & Easily

Answer: Art, Yes, absolutely the 3 Inch Rise Deck Mount will work on your 18′ Sweetwater pontoon boat. Just had a customer in Texas put one on the Bow and one on the Stern. Hope that helps.


From: Tino C  – Interlachen, FL (12/12/11)
Question: Do you have a bolt on mount that will attach to my fixed jack plate. The boat I have is a 22ft skeeter zx 2250 with a 225 hp yamaha. If not what would you recommend. Thanks  Tino

Florida - Power-Pole Style Anchor System | Anchor Quickly & Easily
Answer: Tino, Go with the standard motor mount. It bolts on directly to the motor mount that attached to the Manual Jack Plate. The only adjustment you may have to make is to get a longer bottom bolt and you can pick that up at any hardware store. We have found this with some motor/boat models. Hope that helps. 

From: Dr. John K.  – Marianna, FL (12/5/11)
Question: Considering purchasing a fish hunter package. Tried to look for items on West Marine but it would appear they don’t have the motor mount bracket. I also do not see your products broken down into individual components,ie., pole, bracket, etc. It appears that there is at least an $85.00 shipping charge.  Question: Is it more costs saving to buy from you or purchase items separately at one of your suppliers which would eliminate the shipping charge?? Are you in Daytona and if so, I have a home in Ormond. Can I come there to purchase the items??  Dr. K
Answer: John, give us a call at 386.308.7745 and we can schedule a pick up. To answer your question. We have not yet released the motor mount (ie Bolt ON) bracket to West Marine.  Yes, it is advantageous to buy from our Retailers as you are not paying the direct to door shipping cost. The downside is that most Retail locations at this point are doing non stocking orders, so delivery through them can take 4 to 6 weeks. Hope that helps.

From: Mark M – Sarasota, FL (11/22/11)
Question: I have a 22′ sea hunt 220 escape. It’s a dual console. Use it mainly for fishing in gulf and here around Anna Maria Island / Sarasota. What would you recommend. I will be getting trim tabs as well. Also my boat is stored on a lift. Do you have any installers in the area? I find myself in 2 – 7′ of water around the flats here. Finally, can you tell how your product differ from what they offer at Thank you! Mark
Answer: Mark, I would recommend a 3 inch Rise Bow mount with a 10 or 12 ft anchor pole and either 10 inch transom mount or a Standard Motor Mount with an 8 ft anchor pole. You should be able to install it yourself. Takes about 5 minutes each with a marker, drill and a screw driver. See videos on our website. From what I understand, the mounts are powder coated. The powder coat will peal off after a time in the water. Our mounts have an anodised finish which means Dig IN mounts will look as good 5 years from now as they do the day you buy it. Hope that helps.

From: Jessie M. – British Columbia, CAN (11/16/11)
I live in British Columbia, Canada.  Are there any Dig-In dealers up my way?
Answer: Jesse, Dig IN Anchors are available thru West Marine Stores. Here are the stores in BC…

West Marine
2000 Island Hwy North, Ste 120
Nanaimo, BC V9S 5W3
West Marine
8331 River Rd
Richmond, BC V6X 1Y1
West Marine
2210 Beacon Ave.
Sidney, BC V8L 1X1
West Marine
1601 West 2nd Avenue
Vancouver, BC V6J 1H3
West Marine
2929 Douglas Street
Victoria, BC V8T 4M8

If the store does not have the product in stock have them place a special order and we will ship directly to the store. Hope that helps.

From: John W. – Aransas Pass, TX (11/14/11)
My anchor rod bounced out of the storage clips in rough water. Can I buy a replacement rod online?
Answer: John, No problem.. Just give us a call at 386.308.7745

From: Tim B – Wilmington, DE (11/9/11)
I have a 1990 HydraSport DV200WT bass boat (fish and ski boat) – looking at the Jack plate mount with 10′ pole, but question is this….with the Jack Plate mount bolted to my Jack plate, will the Outboard motor still have full range of motion from Side-to-Side for steering?  Hard to tell in photos.
Answer: Tim, If you have a Manual Jack Plate, the mount & pole will have no problem with motor clearance.  Only thing is that you may need to get a longer bottom bolt. All depends on the Jack plate manufacturer. If you need one we have found that is costs about $1.50. Hope that helps.

From: Bill B – Dallas, TX (11/7/11)
i am a saltwater guide with a 22′  flats boat in South Texas and I have a pole similar to yours all ready and i would like to buy a 5″ transom Mount without the pole. FYI I have used the pole i have with the rope it came wtih all summer. the only complant would be that in a high wind the pole slips out of the sand and I think the mount would help
Answer: Bill, I think you will be pleased once you get our mount. Hope the pole fits.

From: Daniel A – Minden, LA (11/2/11)
i am very interested in this set up but i have a question. i have a 97 tide craft 17 ft and with my rods and all when i fish there isn’t a lot of room left on my deck. Do the poles break down or are they solid poles ?
Answer: Daniel, The anchor poles are solid. We provide storage clips that can mount to the deck. When the poles are not in use you put them in the clips and throw a velcro strap over them. Hope that helps.

From: Peter – Buffalo, NY (10/28/11)
Can the bow mount be attached and detached, liked a bow mount trolling motor? I can see a problem trying to get a boat cover over the bow with the anchor mount attached.
Answer: Peter, You are correct. The bow mount screws into the puck. The puck is attached to the deck. Mount can be removed quickly with a screw driver so you can get a cover on the boat. We are working on a design to be more like a trolling motor quick release. In an effort to keep customer costs down, the puck is the way we mount the Bow systems right now. Hope that helps.

Peter Follow Up (10/28/11): Thank you very much for your reply. I’ll keep an eye on your site for when the quick release bracket is availble. P.S. I just bought the 3″ bow mount model with the 12′ pole from West Marine.

From: Abi V. – Tomball, TX (10/26/11)
I am looking for a cost effective power pole for my son for Christmas. He bought 3 yrs ago a Mako 17 ft shallow water boat to fish on the flats. We use a anchor and he is tired of using the anchor and scarring the fish. Can you help us?
Answer: Abi, thanks for the question. Yes we have the product that your son will LOVE. Check out these links…

These are our most popular models.


From: George S. (10/20/11)
I see where you have a system that does not require you to drill into the boat. How does that bracket attach to the Stern? I have an 18 ft CC Penn Craft and really don’t want to drill into the transom. Your product looks good and I am interested in a purchase if I can keep from putting Holes in the transom.
Answer: George, check out this video…

From: Craig C. – Jennings, LA (10/19/11)
Will two of these poles hold a 20′ pontoon boat?
Answer: Absolutely…. Let me know if you have any other questions.

From: Lucio G. – Mcallen, TX (9/12/11)
I have a 24′ Carolina Skiff. DLX model. I did install a front deck to the boat. I do not have a jack plate. What are the recommendations? I fish in about 3 to 5 ft. Bay. Thanks.

Answer: Lucio, Mounts: I would recommend a 5 inch Transom mount and / or a 3 inch rise bow mount. Anchor Poles: 8Ft (stern) & 10ft (bow) or (2) 10ft (both ends) Hope that helps.

From: Will P. – Richmond, VA (9/9/11)
I want a shallow water anchor and I am almost ready to hand over some cash for a dig-in. One question. All the videos show a bow mount and and transom mount when 2 are used. How would your system work with 2 mounted on the transom like is done with the power poles and the talons. I bass fish in water than less 4 and 5 ft deep and wouldn’t want the excess pole getting in the way of my casting area. Thanks.
Answer: Will, We have had some people put two transom mounts on the stern. Most people have installed a bow and stern system for better boat control and positioning. If you prefer two transom mounts, call us as 386.308.7745 and we can put together a custom order for you. No problem.

From: Ronnie B. – Martinsburg, WV (9/7/11)
I own a g3 1860 ccj dlx and have been looking at your product for a couple weeks. I am sold, but am curious as the best mounting options. I like the idea of mounting to stock trolling mount, but wonder how easily that would go doing it myself. Any thoughts or other options? Also I’d like the Fish Hunter package, any recommendations on the stern? I mainly fish on the Potomac and tributaries, just FYI.
Answer: Ronnie, I looked at a picture of your g3 1860 ccj dlx on Google Images. I would recommend the 3 inch rise bow mount and the 5″ transom mount for your boat. If you have trim tabs go with the 10 inch transom mount. Very easy to install. Both mounts should take you less than 15 minutes. Call me and we can put the package together for you. We have a lot of customers on the Potomac. 10 Ft anchor poles are the most popular.

From: Nikky B. – Thibodaux, LA (7/28/11)
Mike, Just a few more questions before I make my order. I need to know what the overall diameter is for the round piece that will be mounted to the deck and also I need a dimension from the center of the mount where it bolts down to the center of the pipe which the rod goes through. You can email me back or you can call me. Thanks a mill, Nicky
Answer: Nikky, the Quick Release mounting puck is 4.25 inches in diameter. Center of the puck to the center of the down tube is 11.75 inches. Hope that helps.

From: Nikky B. – Thibodaux, LA (7/27/11)
Guys, I am extremely interested in your bow mount product…(3″ rise). I have a few question about this product. Is it my choice of what length pole I want?? Thanks, Nicky

Answer: Nikky, with your Bluewater V Bottom, we suggest you go with a 10Ft Anchor Pole.

From: Matthew H. – Vancouver, WA (7/11/11)
How much for a replacement 8ft pole shipped to 98664?
Answer: Matt, $65.97 plus $22 (UPS Shipping)

From: Jimmy C. – Nashville, TN (7/10/11)
Hi! Name here is Mike Davis with Mike Davis Outdoors – MikeDavisOutdoors_com and I am very interested in your product. I would love to install this on my 2009 Stratos 200XL and displaythey system to my customers and tournament competitors. I am sure that I can increase your sales in the Nashville area. If you are interested, please give me a call and perhaps we can work out a deal where it is a win win for both of us!
Answer: Mike, thanks for your interest. Nice website. Looking forward to talking to you.

From: Jimmy C. – Fayetteville, AR (6/16/11)
I have a 2010 seaark cx200 rivercat, looking to install stern mount and bow mount with 12 ft poles. The bow has a 6 inch lip from bottom of deck to the top of bow and the stearn has no flotation pods, need the black mounts, thanks for the help, looks like just what i need for catchin those grand lake catfish and gettin rid of the 30 pound anchors.
Answer: Jimmy, recommend the 6 inch rise (bow) deck mount. Black mounts and poles are a special order. Call us at 386.308.7745. We are adding inventory of Black mounts and poles for the up coming duck hunting season.

From: Jim B. – Barker, TX (6/11/11)
Is there a dealer in the Galveston TX area that can look at your boat, order the right items and install it?

Answer: Jim, Right now we have… West Marine, 5926 Broadway St, Galveston, TX77551-4305, p: 409.741.805You should get a 5″ Offset Stern Mount and an 8Ft or 10Ft anchor Pole. Installation is very easy. I can walk you through it.

From: Marty M. (5/31/11)
Will the Trolling Motor Mount fit a Minn Kota Maxxum?

Answer: Marty, Yes. – The bolt heads that attach the trolling motor mount will fit inside the Maxxum’s bas track.

From: Steve P. (5/28/11)
I am buying a 21 foot Ranger bass boat and am interested in an anchor system. If I bought your 10 foot system, how do I store the poles? Can the poles be broken down for storage in rod locker? How does your “pole clip” system work? Thanks! Steve
Answer: Steve, You can store the poles in a pole holder or in the clips we provide. Right now the poles can not be broken down. We are working on that though. The clips attach to the gunnel (top or under) and the poles click into them. Recommend you throw a velcro strap over the poles when you are traveling faster than 20 miles per hour.

From: David G. (5/16/11)
Jack Plate Mount & 10 Ft Anchor Pole at West Marine? West Marine online and your PDF does not list the above item. Would it be possible to order this via West Marine? if so – what is the SKU? thanks.
Answer: David, The West Marine SKU # for the Jack plate Mounts is 12527537. Yes, You can order it through West Marine.

From: Dave S . – Memphis, TN (5/12/11)
Hello, can you provide a picture of how the trolling motor bracket attaches? Thanks dave

Trolling Motor Mount: Inside View - Bolted Attachement Trolling Motor Mount: Outside View - Bolted Attachement

Answer: Dave, The Trolling Motor mount in this photo is from our 1st generation design. The current model comes off the mounting plate at a 90 degree angle (not the 45 as in the picture). Let me know if you have any other questions. Send me an image of your trolling motor.

From: Charles D. – Fayetteville, NC (5/10/11)
I just got a 2011 Tidewater 180CC. Center Console 18ft I have a trolling motor and a 90 hp I fishing in the water way at nc beaches with the different tide 7-8 ft and currents and the waves, what is the right system for my needs. I was going to get the talon and found your web site. I saw you had dealers in SC how about NC I am wanting the best system Thanks
Answer: Charles, looked up a picture of your 2011 tidewater on Google images. Question: Does your boat motor have a Jack Plate? If so, I would recommend a Jack Plate Mount with a 10Ft pole & a 3 Inch Rise Bow Mount with a 12Ft pole. If no, go with a 5″ Transom Mount with a 10Ft pole & a 3 Inch Rise Bow Mount with a 12Ft pole. You can find both options here: Hope that helps. Please call or email me with any other questions.

From: Mike M. – Arlington, TX (5/1/11)
Will your system work for a Scout 240 Bay boat fishing in 4′ to 7′ sand and mud bottom with 10 – 20 mph wind. Which bow mount and pole? Do you have a bracket for a 6″ Bob’s Jack plate?
Answer: Mike, Our systems will work great on your Scout 240 Bay boat. I would recommend our 3 inch rise Bow mount with a 10 foot pole and our Jack Plate mount with an 8 ft pole. Our Jack Plate will bolt right to your 6″ Bob’s Jack plate. Here is a picture of the Jack Plate Mount. We are in the process of Updating the website Today. If you want, call me at 386.308.7745 to order directly.

From: Mike T. – Sebring, FL (4/30/11)
I wasn’t clear enough, sorry. I meant can the anchor pole be positioned in the bracket to quickly deploy with out picking it up and pushing it through? Like when you’re on the flats on the trolling motor. Is there an o-ring or nylon bushing that would maintain the pole vertically for quick deployment?
Answer: Mike, Yes, there is a rubber O-ring just under the foam comfort grip that will hold the pole up in the mount while you are on the trolling motor.

From: Mike T. – Sebring, FL (4/29/11)
I have a Triumph 190 bay boat with Humminbird 898 with the transducer mounted on the side I would need to mount the anchor. Which model would you recommend? How is anchor pole mounted to the boat? Can it be kept in the anchor bracket for easy deployment?
Answer: Mike, A 3 inch rise bow mount and/or 5 inch offset Stern mount. Don’t recommend storing the pole in the bracket. Best to put it in a rod locker, pole holder or in the clips we provide. Hope that helps.

From: John W (4/27/11)
I have a Basscat Pantera classic and it does not have a good flat place to mount the puck on bow.I am concerned that it might not work. Has anyone ever put one on this type of boat ? If so do you have any pictures you could share. Just dont want to purchase something that does not work.
Answer: John, I looked up a picture of your Basscat Pantera classic on Google images. I would recommend a 6 inch rise bow mount or one of our Jack plate or standard motor mounts. Does your boat have a Jack Plate?

From: Jonathan (4/27/11)
Hello, I have a 1996 Sea Ray 175BR. This boat has a built-in swim platform on the stern. I typically go fishing in 4 to 12 feet of water. Do you have a shallow water anchor that would work for this application? Thanks! Jonathan
Answer: I recommend a 3 inch Rise Bow mount, mounted on either side of the built-in swim platform. With a 10 or 12 ft pole. Let me know if you have any other questions.

From: AJ S. (4/26/11)
Would like to order a pole from you, how ever i think i might be better off making my own bracket to fit on my stern, would like to know does the pole need to be mounted so it goes straight up and down or can it go at an angle such as the angle of my stern
Answer: AJ, Our stern mounts are offset by 15 degrees. So the poles are already on an angle.

From: Terry W. – Silver Springs, FL (4/24/11)
I live is Silver Springs FL, about 60 miles away. Can I pick the unit up at your location. 
Answer: Terry, Yes, you can. I have inventory here in Daytona. Call me at 386.308.7745

From: Curt (4/23/11)
I have a 1996 20 ft 36 inch bottom weldcraft aluminum boat I use for duck hunting in the marsh. I hunt out of the boat often and have been looking for a way to keep the boat in place, I ahve a few questions 1) do you make a smaller bow mount the pics I see look too big for my rig and the other main one is would you be able to paint the mounts from the factory I can send you pictures of the boat if you can’t find any and I hope I can get this ready for hunting season and give you some positive feed back
Answer: Curt, looked up a picture of your 1996 20 ft 36 inch bottom weldcraft aluminum boat on google images. I would recommend a 3 inch rise bow mount for your boat. We have the mounts in a flat black. We also have poles in a flat black. Hope that helps.

From: Marshall W. – Monticello, AR (4/23/11)
I have a 18 ft Sea Ark alum bass boat. I know what I want but not how to order it. I want a bow and stern mount with 12 ft. poles. If trolling motor shaft mounts are available that’s what I want ( I have a standard 12 volt foot control motor guide trolling motor) I live in southeast Arkansas and it looks like Garland, Tx. is the closest dealer. I have a business address you can ship to. It will be Monticello Ar. zip 71655. Can you give me a total amount for everything and what I need to ask for when I call, so we want have to go to the trouble of looking it up again. Might I make a suggestion. For shipping and storage purposes how about a interlocking or telescoping the longer poles. Can’t wait to hear from you. I am retired and live on a lake and the wind has been kicking my butt for weeks. One more thing. If you don’t have trolling motor shaft mounts, how is the bow mount installed. please hurry. bass are on the beds and today the wind was up to 35 mph and my texas rigged worm was working like top water bait.
Answer: Marshall, I call you and help you order. The trolling motor mounts attach to the trolling motor base. The down tubes are not strong enough to hold boat in a strong current or wind. Thanks for the suggestion on the poles. We started working with our forth engineer to figure out how to ship the poles in two pieces. Problem is maitaining the integrity of the pole under a high load. For installation, go to: – Here is a video of Capt Tim Fey installing the Bow mounts at the boat dock before we went fishing. Takes about 8 minutes to install. Talk to you soon.

From: Terry B. – Eureka, CA (4/16/11)
I have a Ranger 519 and purchasing a 1600 dollar unit is out of the question. I have read you have other mounting options and would like to see them. For the bow mount how does it interfere with boat covers. I too do not like the idea of drilling holes in my fiberglass.
Answer: Terry, Our 3 inch Rise and 6 inch Rise Bow Mounts are both removeable. Also we will be able to offering our second generation trolling motor mounts coming this Thursday. We are also very close to being able to offer bolt on Jack Plate and non-jack plate mounts. Hope that helps.

From: Koery L. – Rogersville, AL (4/14/11)
Thanks for making such a great inexpensive power-pole alternative. My name is Korey and I would love to talk to you about a possible affiliation and or partial partnership deal. i fish tournaments and deal with the public daily, and i honestly believe if i hand out pamphlets or speak seminars there will be many people in my area interested in your product. hope to hear from you soon!
Answer: Korey, We are always looking for ProStaff people. I’ll call later this week. Hope that helps.

From: Tim B – St. Louis, MO (4/11/11)
I have a 186 LoPro DSC by River Pro. Please look up my boat on line and tell me if the mounting brackets that you have available will work and what size pole that you reccomend. I fish mainly in the rivers most are rocking bottoms and fighting current. Water depth of 1ft to 7ft. Will your system work in this application? Thank you for your time.
Answer: Tim, Looked up photos of your 186 LoPro DSC by River Pro on Google images. Looks like both Bow and stern models will work just fine. On the Stern make sure the vertical edge is more than 6 inches. If it doesn’t then go with a 3 inch rise bow mount on the stern. If you want to talk this through, call me at 386.308.7745 Hope that helps.

From: Mike S. – La Porte, IN (3/28/11)
Would the bow mount work on the stern if there is a place to mount it. I don’t want to fasten to the fiberglass on the stern if i dont have to. Bow mount looks nicer.
Answer: Mike, Yes. Some of our customers have done that. We are working on the second generation of our Trolling motor mounts and our Jack Plate Mounts for guys like you that don’t want to drill and screw into there boats. FYI: Our PRO Staff who have used the first versions of the Trolling & Jack Plate mounts, love them.

From: Tim C. – Terrre Haute, IN (3/25/11)
I’m a snow bird in Ocala, FL and will be heading back to IN next week. What is the closest location I can get a dig-in so I won’t have to pay the shipping on the pole.
Answer: Tim, closest dealer to you is Toho Marine in St. Cloud (407.892.3200).

From: Stacey S. – Lancaster, PA (3/15/11)
Hi, I am very interested in your products,It seems i have started people talking about your anchoring system on bass boat central. One of the guys said that you are coming out with a trolling motor mount which i will be interested in also the stern mount. I was also wondering if you would be interested in have a rep up here in southern Pa.I fish tournaments in Pa Ny Md i think this would be a great fit for fishing the Upper Chesapeake bay. I would be interested talk to you about it.
Answer: Stacey, Thanks for the feed back. Its true we have Trolling Motor mounts. Will be updating the site soon. Lets talk.

From: LA H. – Eddyville, KY (3/14/11)
Can you make a mount that will mount on trolling motor shaft. that would be awesome and more out of the way. also no drilling holes in boat for bow mount.
Answer: LA. Yes, I have trolling motor mount brackets that I am picking up from the manufacturer today. They are so new, we have not put them on the website yet.

From: Jeff E. – Oldtown, ID (3/14/11)
Hi, checking out your product & have a couple of questions. I have a 2001 Champion Elite 206. Do most guys with bass boats buy the bow mount? If so, what length of pole is most common for my app? (I’m thinking 10’ pole as the Champion boats seem to ride with the bow higher than Rangers or others) I see you have a quick release or easy release, but I can’t find any pics of this setup.I know you don’t have any dealers up here listed, we need to get these up in the Pacific Northwest (I’m in North Idaho, lot’s of bass, pike fisherman etc). I pastor a church up here, but have lot’s of guys with boats and I’ve got some good connections with most of the area (eastern wa, Idaho) marinas if you need a product rep of some sort. ( I just like being around boats and fishing stuff!) Thanks much, Jeff
Answer: Jeff, Thanks for the feedback. I looked up a picture of your boat on Google Images. Bow mount and a ten foot pole is the most popular choice for your area. Here is a link to a video that shows how the EZ Release & Bow Mount are installed. . Your right, I don’t have any reps in our area and if you are interested I would like to talk to you about that.

From: Rudi C. – Jacksonville, FL (3/7/11)
I have a 22ft skeeter bay boat. I fish the St John’s river in Jacksonville Fl. This river has a pretty strong tide . Will your system hold my boat and what length pole will work . Thanks Rudi
Answer: Rudi, I looked up a picture of your 22ft skeeter bay boat on Google images. I would suggest going with at least the 10 Ft poles for your boat. Herman Hansen is a long time customer who lives in Jacksonville. He fishes 4 days a week on the St. John’s and the back waters up there. He uses the 12 Footers. Hope that helps

From: Orville D. – Winter Haven, FL (3/5/11)
Hello, i have several questions. If i go to a dealer can i save the freight charge? Does the dealer charge the same as you for the package? I have a 196 Bay Reef made by Key West what size poles would you suggest?
Answer: Orville, The answer is Yes. You can save on shipping charges by purchasing directly from a dealer. The closest dealer to you is in St. Cloud, Toho Marine. We will have a booth at the Toho Tournament TODAY ( 3/6/11 ) at 3:00 today for the Weigh In. Come See Us.

From: Mark A. – S. Carolina (3/4/11)
I have a 21vx Kenner. Would one stern mount pole do the job? How does it do when the tide is moving fast? Thanks
Answer: Mark, One Stern mount will do just fine on your 21vx Kenner. I have had customers use our systems in 10 to 15 knot current with not problem. They did have a Stern / Bow Fish Hunter package though. Hope that helps

From: Jeremy W. – Baton Rouge (3/4/11)
Want to know what size bow bracket i would need for a 18 foot sea Ark with a 15 degree v Hull.and if it will even work.
Answer: Jeremy, I looked up a picture of your 18 foot Sea Ark on Google images. A 5″ stern mount or a 12″ Bow Mount will work on your Sea Ark. It you want tio control both ends of the boat go with the 5″ Stern / 12″ Bow Fish Hunter package. Hope that helps.

From: Tino C. (3/3/11)
I have a 2008 skeeter zx2250 bay boat center console. It does not have trim tabs on it now but I will be putting them on soon. What model would you suggest for my boat. Thank you Tino C.
Answer: Tino, that’s an easy one. Go with the 10″ Stern Mount and any of the poles sizes. Hope that helps.

From: Barry R. – Arizona (2/27/11)
I have a 2010 Ranger 211VS What offset should I order for it on the stern. What is shipping to Scottsdale AZ.
Answer: Barry, If you DO NOT have trim tabs, go with the 5″ Offset. If you HAVE trim tabs, go with the 10″. Shipping depends entirely on the length of the anchor pole. 8Ft – $39, 10Ft – $120, 12Ft – $140. Mounts go along for free. If there was a less expensive way to ship the poles we would use it.

From: Randy V. – Texas (2/27/11)
I have a 2005 Ranger 521 with 2 consoles and I fish Lake Fork, TX every weekend. I have been looking at Power Poles and Minn Kota Talons for my boat. They seem to be the rage at Fork these days. Would 2 stern mounts hold me in place…I am not interested in a bow mount. I would also be interested in exposing your product to the Lake Fork market as an alternative to the more expensive Power Poles and Talons. Let me know if you have an interest in this market.
Answer: Randy, looked up a picture of your 2005 Ranger 521 on Google images. NICE Boat. Two stern mounts will hold your boat like a bug in a rug. Bow mount will give you more boat control though you know what works best for you. I am interested in marketing or affordable systems more in the state of texas. Let me know what you are thinking.

From: Herb C. – Connecticut (2/17/11)
How would this pole work in wave action or current? Also how much would it cost to freight a 12′ Bow model to CT? Herb
Answer: Herb, Pole designed to ride up and down in the mount in waves and current. Works very well and holds the boat still. The 12Ft poles cost $140 to ship and that’s all UPS. It costs the same to ship 2 poles as it does to ship 1. Hope that helps.

From: JoAnn (2/16/11)
Will you be at the bassmaters classic this weekend Feb 18 -20, 2011? Saw your product while looking for a power pole. would like to know if it would work on shell bottoms. Can the poles be mounted someway on the boat?
Answer: Jo Ann, Unfortunately, we will not be at the Bass Master Classic this weekend. We are based in Daytona, so we will be at Daytona International Speedway this weekend. Please email (DigINAnchors@gmail. com) us a picture of your boat so we can advise you on which mount will be best and how to mount it.

From: Dave O. (2/9/11)
I am interested in purchasing the 5” stern and 12” bow mount with two 12’ poles. You list a package price of 584.98 + 140.00 shipping. I assume the bow mount will come with the quick release puck? And will the 140.00 shipping ship to my house address? I noticed in your question and answer section you mentioned shipping to nearest airport Is this an option and would it be cheaper? Do you ever offer any discounts? Also is there a customer service number I can call? Thank you for your time! 
Answer: Dave, Yes, the bow mounts come with the EZ release puck and all mounting hardware. We deliver to your door step. The airport shipping is for customers in Australia. Does not apply to US customers. Yes, we run discounts from time to time. Our last promotion was a 20% discount that ran from the week before Thanksgiving to Christmas. The customer service number is 386.308.7745. Hope that helps.

From: George M. (2/4/11)
I own a 26′ twin-vee out of Venice La. and fish shallow most of the time. How easy is it to set and retrieve in hard river sand and do you have a pole with a T handle for better leverage? Thank You, Fred
Answer: Fred, We have lots of customers in Louisiana and nobody has ever called or emailed me to say that they have had a hard time with the hard sand. If you want some local advice call …

Aqua Marine

947 Florida Avenue SW
Denham Springs, LA 70726
p: 225.664.5141
We have a t-handle in production and are going to be offering it soon. We will offer it on all new anchor poles and as an add on for existing customers. Hope that helps.

From: George M. (2/3/11)
How strong of wind will it hold my 20′ Ranger in. It looks like a great system and you don’t have to worry about mechanical failures. Often times simple is better than complicated. If you can convince me of its performance I will be you next customer. Thanks , George
Answer: George, I was out with Capt Tim Fey on Tuesday this week. Wind kicked up to about 10 knots around 11:00am and we did not move or drift at all. Tim has both a bow and a stern set up. I have been told by other customers that they have had no problems in winds up to 20 knots. Hope that helps.

From: Randy S. (2/2/11)
Thanks Mike it arrived today. If it wasn’t 19 degrees i would’ve installed this afternoon it looks great and I’m sure it will work the same way thanks again i think your product will taking my bass fishing to a new level this year
Answer: Randy, looking forward to hearing about it on facebook. ( Tight Lines.

From: Tom S. (1/30/11)
Very interested in your product but have some concerns on how to store and/or secure the poles to/in the boat when running. They will be used in a Triton 177 multi- species boat w/full windshield. What material are the clips mentioned made of and what are their mounting applications? Are the clips strong enough to secure the poles while running? Thinking the only place I can mount a pair of poles would be on the gunnels similiar to the way I’ve seen push poles mounted on flats boats.
Answer: Tom, I looked up a picture of your Triton 177 multi- species boat on Google images.

The clips are plastic and will hold the poles while you are on the water. DO NOT use them to travel down the highway without tethering the poles to the boat. We have found that a velcro strap work great.

From: Randy S. (1/24/11)
I Have a aluminum tracker 170xt w/50 hp engine i fish in water normally less than 10 ft I am looking at the bow mount. Do you think the 8 ft pole will work for this boat?
Answer: Randy, I looked up a picture of your aluminum tracker 170xt on Google images.


The bow mount with an 8ft pole will work perfectly. Let me know if you have any other questions.

From: Randy W. (1/23/11)

Hi, I like the system from what i can see on the internet ad. It sure does the job without spending 1500.00 bucks! Seems like a good value and just what most hobby fishermen would need. My question is about which system to choose for a 2005 Ranger 185vx bass rig and then i think i would want the 10 or 12 foot pole and a 8 foot pole, but not sure. My thinking is that the front pole may need to be longer since the boat sits higher in the water in the front? This would be used primarly in tn lakes and rivers. Thanks in advance for any advice or information you can offer.

Answer: Randy, Looked up a picture of your 2005 Ranger 185vx bass boat on Google images.

If your boat HAS trim tabs then go with a 10″ offset stern mount and a 12″ Bow mount. If your boat DOES NOT have trim tabs then go with a 5″ offset stern mount and a 12″ Bow mount. If you want to do a specialty order with different length poles, then call me at 386.308.7745.

From: Trent G. (1/18/11)

Hi Mike I bought a full system from you last year for my Bass Boat… Could you please drop me a line. Oh by the way your systems are awesome for sight fishing. Powerpole aint got nothing on you guys.

Answer: Hey Trent, Good to hear from you and glad you like the systems. Please send me some photos of you actually using the systems (preferably with a caught fish)

From: David H. (1/13/11)

I have a 05 TR 20x Triton. Which pole selections would you recommend for the bow and stern? Thx!! DTH


Answer: David, Does your Triton have Trim Tabs. If Yes, Go with the 10″ Stern mount & the 12″ Bow Mount. If No, Go with the 5″ Stern mount & the 12″ Bow Mount. 8Ft poles will do BUT the 10Ft poles are the most popular. Let me know if you have any other questions. Mike

From: Tim D – Indianapolis, Indiana (12/25/10)

On bow mount how does quick release puck work and could you send close up picture ?? I do have trim tabs, any way stern mount would still work or too crowded ???

Answer: The puck mounts to the bow and the aluminum mount screws into the puck. Watch this video: – In the beginning there is a close up of the Bow mount and the quick release puck. You have trim tabs, so you want to go with the 10″ Offset stern mount. That will get the pole over the trim tab.

From: Steven R – Melbourne, Australia (12/15/10)

G’day, How can I get a 5″ offset and 10 ft pole delivered to Australia? Can you freight it, what would the cost be ? They look great. Thanks Steve

Answer: Steven, many people contact us from Australia to ask us for our anchor systems. Thank you. I have a quote of $158.00 (US) to freight to Sidney Airport. You would have to pick up at the Sydney airport. 5″ stern mount with (2) 10Ft poles is $368.98 US plus tax and duty. Thanks again for the interest.

From: Chris P – Johannesburg, South Africa (11/17/10)

HI Mike. Thanks for the discount. Can you tell me what it would cost and the total price to ship a bow mount with 10ft pole to Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa? Either home address, or collect at courier? As well as estimated delivery time? Many thanks

Answer: Sure, give me a day or two. We are working on it. You are the first person from South Africa to ask for one. We have had other people in Australia order and the shipping to Sydney airport was $158.00. I’ll get back with you.

From: Capt. Tim F – Florida (11/16/10)

“Mike!! Been busy as heck. Jammin up reports and videos. Son and his girlfriend coming in for Thanksgiving. Following week I will do an article for the anchor 🙂 I love this thing, sure makes life a lot easier on the water :)”



From: Andrew R – Cape York, Queensland (11/4/10)

Did my payment go through? What is the cost on shipping and do you have an importer in Australia ?

Answer: Andrew, Shipping on your order will be $158.00 (US) if you can pick it up at the Sydney Airport. About $308.00 (US) if you want it door to door.

From: Jack L. – Michigan (11/1/10)

I flyfish bone fish by myself in a 15′ Carolina Skiff. Pole or use bow mount electric motor from the bow. Can’t have too much standing up in the bow when using fly rod. Will your system work under these conditions? Which one? I don’t mind a stern mount if that is the only one that would be out of my way.

Answer: Jack, hello and thanks for the question. With the Carolina Skiff, we have other customers that are using the bow mount with the 10ft pole. (That’s actually why we developed the 10ft pole) Because the skiffs bow is off the water line the pole does not stick up very high. System works well and will keep your boat into the current or wind. If total boat control is important to you then go with the bow / stern package. Let me know if you have any other questions.

From: Ron S. (10/25/10)

I’m a saltwater light tackle guide in NY and i was wondering about how secure your anchor system is when there are waves involved. In our area we often encounter wakes that roll in to the shallows from large pleasure boats. I was looking for a simpler and solution to putting a $1500 power pole on my 18′ skiff. I am interested in your product if it will suit my needs. thank you.

Answer: Ron, what we have found is that when a wave comes along the anchor pole will slide up & down in the mount. When a large wave comes along the anchor pole will lift off the bottom and re-anchor when the wave passes. You may have to give it a quick tap with your hand. Let me know if you have any other questions.

From: Craig L. (10/16/10)

Hi Michael I enjoyed meeting you at the Boaters Warehouse. Your anchor looks like a great idea especially in the current economy. This can go world wide !

Answer: Craig, thanks for the support.

From: Jae K. (10/5/10)

I have the following questions:

1. What material is the pole made of?

2. Is the pole an air tight system? Does it float when dropped in water?

3. What is the opening diameter Of the mount?

4. What wave height can it handle while anchored? Sometimes out in the bay you get sudden wakes either from other boats or just choppy conditions.

Answer 1: Pole is made of a high strength fiberglass. Poles are coated to prevent wear.

Answer 2: Pole is not an airtight system and is heavier than water (ie pole will sink)

Answer 3: Diameter opening of the mount (where the pole slides through) is stightly larger than 3/4″

Answer4: Pole can handle any wave size. For big waves it will lift off the bottom then re-anchor once the wave passes.

Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.

From: Steve D. (10/4/10)

Here on Okeechobee almost everyone has anchors in their boats. The price of your product should work with all pan fishermen and bass fishermen in our area. If you would like us to promote your anchor just let us know. Check us out at and catch our radio show every Sat. 5 to 7 am eastern on Thanks

Answer: Steve, Thanks for your interest. Lets talk on the phone and see how we can help each other.

From: Capt. Andy P. (9/26/10)

Do you do any custom mount system? I thinking exactly like your 5″ or 10″ stern mount, but instead of welding to a flat plate, weld to a C-Clamp like they use on rod holders for poling platforms. That way, I could clamp to my poling platform and not have to drill into my boat. Also, I could take it off during the times I am not using the pole anchor.

Answer: Andy, Thanks for the question. Several people have asked me the same question for months. We have submitted it to our list of patents and our design engineer has given the drawing to our manufacturer. We are weeks away from offering this model. Email me your number and I can set up a pre-order for you. I’ll make sure you get one before we offer them to the public. Hope that helps.

From: Jason R. (9/21/10)

What is the (od) of the fiberglass pole? ANd how tight does the pole fit inside the mounting bracket?

Answer: Jason, Each of our poles are 3/4 inches (OD). The mounts are about a sixteenth bigger. Allows the pole to slide through the mount and compensate for wave action. Hope that helps. Let me know.

From: James. (8/30/10)

Gday, I am from Sydney Australia and would like to look at getting one of your Stern Mount (10 inch offset) & 10 ft Pole $225.99 or a (2) 5″ Classic Mounts & (1) Bow Mount & (3) 10Ft Poles $730.94. Is it possible for me to get one? Could you please reply to my email with a quote if your can. Thanks for your time. James

Answer: James, thanks for the interest in our systems. I will get a quote for you today. Just need to look at international shipping. Once you get our anchor, how would you like to be a rep in your area to get our anchors into Marine Dealerships there?

From: Vince M. (8/25/10)

What is the shipping rate for a 12″ pole to Fresno Ca 93726? Thanks.

Answer: Vince, the UPS Shipping rate for the 12ft poles if $136.00 if you live in a populated area. $156.00 if you live in an unpopulated area. We don’t make this stuff up. UPS has crazy rules for anything over 96 inches. Let me know if you have any other questions.

From: Tim H. (8/19/10)

I have a 19 foot 2006 186 Key West Dual Console. The water I fish has strong current and large 6-9 foot tide swings. Which model would work best for my boat?

Dig IN - 19ft KeyWest Dual Console

Answer: Tim, I looked up an image of your boat on Google. 5″ Classic Stern mount and a Bow mount with 10 foot poles will work just fine. Let me know if you have any other questions.

From: Justin C. (8/18/10)

Can i buy two stern mounts as a package? Do you find storage of an 8 foot fiberglass stick hard to store?

Answer: Justin, Check our specialty section in the site: The package you are looking for is there. The poles store very easily in rod holders. We also supply clips to mount the poles to the gunnel when not in use.

From: Hoyt W. (8/14/10)

Do you now have the 12′ spikes? If so how much for the bow anchor with the 12′.

Answer: Hoyt, Bow mounts with 12ft poles are $265.99 plus shipping. Hope that helps.

John H. (8/12/10)

I have a 2006, 22′ Robalo Center Console and live in Beaufort, SC. We have about a 7-8′ tide each day with pretty strong currents. It would be great to have one of these that I could mount on the transom of my boat. I have trim tabs, and a single YAM 225 engine. Are you aware of anyone mounting one of your items on the rear transom of a this or similar boat? Also, I thought you had a product that mounted in one of the gunnel slanted rod holders. Due to these big tides I would like a 14′ pole if possible. Overall from the mounting surface to the outer most part of the stayput unit, how far is this distance? I would need to make sure my engine would not hit the unit. Finally, I wish I could see bigger pictures of your items on your website. Kind Regards, John

Answer: John, My rep in your area is Capt. Tim Deckard (843-321-1768). He can answer a lot of those questions for you. We currently do not offer a 14ft pole (its a UPS thing). We offer 8′, 10′ & 12′ poles. I looked up a picture of the 22′ Robalo Center Console. I think that our 10″ Extended mount will work just fine. Mounted to the transome would get it away from the motors and over your trim tabs. For bigger pictures just click on the pictures and bigger images appear. Hope that helps.

From: John D. (8/11/10)

I have a 2009 Cape Horn 17′. Which mounts do you recommend (5″ or 10″)? Is there a kit with both (Stern & Bow) mounts with a 12′ pole? How much? Thanks jd

Answer: JD, I looked up pictures of a 2009 17′ Cape Horn at Google images. I would recommend the 10″ (Extended) Stern mount. Yes there is a Bow / Stern Mount package with 12″ poles. I need to get your shipping address to determine the cost of shipping the 12ft poles. UPS has become very tricky when quoting the 12ft poles. Let me know.

From: Randy H. (8/10/10)

I was interested in a 10′ pole only and was wanting to get the details on price and shipping to Sugarland Tx. Feel free to contact me on my cell. Thanks, Randy

Answer: Randy, UPS is charging us $80.00 to ship the 10ft poles. Let me know if you have any other questions.

From: Jerry C. (8/9/10)
Can your pole double as a push pole and anchor? My stern (Keywest 196 BF) has compartments in the stern so I can not get to the actual stern to secure a nut on a through stern bolt. How is the stern bracket attached to overcome this issue? I hope you understans about the rear compartments. Maybe you could email me the installation instructions?
Answer: Jerry, Yes, many people use the pole as a push pole. We now offer 8′, 10′ & 12′ poles. Most guys just use the screws we provide. Let me know if you have any other questions.

From: Landrum G. (8/8/10)
Hello. I am interested in the bow mount/classic mount combo package. before I order, I want to be sure that it is a complete dual system – with two anchor poles. Thanks for your time.
Answer: Landrum, Yep… Combo packages come with Bow Mount, Stern Mount, 2 poles, 2 sets of clips and mounting hardware.

From: Thomas C. (8/7/10)
I need a replacement pole. How much will shipping be to San Antonio, Texas zip 78154? Are there any stocking dealers in this region?
Answer: Thomas, The shipping on an 8 foot pole is $25.00. Yes, we have several dealers in the southern Texas area. I have referred your request to our dealer representative in San Antonio. You should be hearing from him soon.

From: Greg B. (8/4/10)
Still unable to buy the 12ft pole. Web site does not show this size. just 8ft.
Answer: Greg, 8′, 10′ & 12′ poles are now available. We are putting them on all of our sites as we speak. Let me know if we have missed one.

From: Rex F. (8/4/10)
I received my Extended Stern Mount package in the mail and was surprised to not see a backing plate/bolts? I’m not sure that four screws through the transom is a good idea? Wouldn’t it be better/more secure if it were bolts going all the way through and nuts and washers secured on a backing plate on the other side???
Answer: Rex, We are going to take a look at that. I have hired a consultant to look at the over all design to make it better for you guys. I’ll pass along your suggestion and see what we can do.

From: Terry. (8/3/10)
Still haven’t seen anything on the web site about the ten and twelve foot pole.
Answer: Terry, 10′ & 12′ poles are now available. Putting them on the site today.

From: Greg V. (7/30/10)
When are you going to start selling the 12 foot poles.
Answer: Greg, The day has come. We are putting the longer poles on the site TODAY. The new poles will start to ship next Wednesday.

From: Don H. (7/21/10)
My 20′ Weldcraft boat has a 4.25″ high lip on the bow. Will the bow mount clear this without shimming?
Answer: Don, Just got back from a business trip. I looked at an image of a 20′ Weldcraft boat on Google images. Yes, our Bow Mount will work on your boat.

From: Rex F. (7/10/10)
I was searching the internet researching the “Power Pole” and came across your site. Great idea. Most of my fishing is in Jacksonville, Florida and in less than 5ft of water. This will allow me to drop the forward anchor quietly, drift into position and set it and then keep the boat in one position with your anchor set-up. I got another idea for you…have it come with a boat-hook attachment at the handle end then you have a multi-tool! Taking up less space on a small boat is crucial.
Answer: Rex, thanks for that. We are in the process of adding those features to the poles. We are going to start offering longer (10′ & 12′) poles with different handles. Thanks again for the suggestion.

From: Clay (7/8/10)
i fish the laguna madre in south tx and was wondering how effective this was in moderate winds say, 15-25 mph. my boat is a 19′ Fishmaster and i’d be fishing at 3-6′ depths. my concern would be in winds as such and anchored @ 6′, would it hold?
Answer: Clay, If you had a Bow mount and a Stern mount you would be stuck like a bug in a rug. If you just go with one mount, go with the stern (Classic or Extended). The mount is closest to the water line and you will get the best grip with the pole. Hope that helps

From: Keith D. (7/7/10)
I am interested in purchasing one of the stay puts. My question is which one would be more beneficial the stern mount or bow mount?The boat I would be installing it on would be a 1701 Inshore Mako. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.
Answer: Keith, Looked up a picture of your 1701 Inshore Mako at Google images. From the picture I found either or both the stern mounts or bow mount will work. Does your boat have trim tabs? If so, go with the Extended Stern Mount. Do you prefer to fish off the front of the boat into the current or wind. Then go with the bow mount. You you want to fully control the position of your boat go with a bow / Extended package. Hope that helps

From: David A. (7/7/10)
I have a 2007 Key West 1720CC Sportsman boat with a trolling motor on the bow. Do you recommend a bow or stern mount? Also, what’s the best place to keep an 8′ pole on the boat? thanks, David
Answer: David, Does your boat have trim tabs or a platform on either side of the motor? I looked up pictures of your boat on Google and some of the images show a standing platform connected to the transom. If you don’t have trim tabs or a standing platform, both the bow & either stern mount (Classic or Extended) will work for you.

From: Terry A. (6/28/10)
Hey Mike, Any news on the 10 & 12 foot pole? Terry
Answer: Terry, within the next 3 to 4 weeks. Ordered them yesterday (6/27/10) from the factory. They didn’t tell us when we got the quote that there is a 4 week lead time. We are trying to shorten that. Stay in touch. We’re getting close.

From: Larry T. (6/25/10)
Will the bow mount system work on my boat…16.1 whitecap made by palm beach boats.
Answer: Larry, I looked up your Palm Beach boat on Google images. The bow has more than enough room for the Bow Mount and EZ release plate. Let me know if you have any other questions.

From: Leo C. (6/25/10)
Hello, my name is Leo C., and I run a website called I recently saw a fellow competitor using your product in Western Pennsylvania. It was the first time I had every seen a shallow water anchor like that. The reason I write to you today is that through the website I do product reviews and articles about products that not every fishermen in the area has read about or seen. I would love the opportunity to talk to you about setting up a product review. In Pennsylvania we have a lot of lakes that are limited horsepower of 20 or less, and this is a perfect system. Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you soon. Sincerely, Leo Cancilla
Answer: Leo, thanks for your interest. We would appreciate the opportunity for you to do a product review. Let me know when you are available. I will make myself available for an interview.

From: Joe P. (6/17/10)
how much longer before you offer the ten foot pole? Any idea how much extra for the two additional two feet at this time?
Answer: Joe, we are looking to have the 10′ pole this month. Look for an update soon.

From: Gary L. (6/14/10)
My question is will you ever develop a transom bracket that attaches to the motor bracket so you wont have to drill holes in a 60G bass boat. Secondly, how about a combination pole that serves as a push pole, holds the boat in place, reaches to 10ft. plus and is telescopic for easy storage. As a guide and tournament pro, this is what I would purchase for my boat. Keep what you have for the small boat guys (cost, simplicity) but the bass boat market is wide open for a product such as what I described.
Answer: Gary, We are in the process of manufacturing a transom bracket. Many of our customers have been asking for the mount without having to drill into the boat. We responded with a design and its in manufacturing as we speak. Will be rolling out soon. Second, we are rolling out longer poles this month (June). Will be making the change to the site soon so people can start ordering them. As for the telescoping part, well that causes weak spots in the pole. we’re still working on that one. Anyway, Gary, thanks for the input. Any interest in being a representative (as a guide or pro) of the product?

From: Donald W. (6/13/10)
I have a 1998 Bay Stealth 1730 Center Console. Will the bow mount fit it?
Answer: Donald, I looked up pictures of a Bay Stealth 1730 on Google images and YES, the bow mount will fit it? Please let me know if you have any other questions.

From: Ken M. (6/12/10)
I need a 10 foot pole. wondering if you can do the stern mount kit with 10 foot pole. Ken
Answer: Ken, Yes, You can get a stern mount with a 10 foot pole. The UPS shipping for the 10 foot pole and mount is $80.00 (UPS not us). Let me know if you have any other questions.

From: Bill F. (6/10/10)
What keeps the pole down so it doesn’t come up and let the boat drift?
Answer: Bill, What keeps the pole down is a little pressure when you set it. Pole diggs in about 4 or 5 inches or so. Once the pole is set the boat does not drift? Let me know if you have any other questions.

From: Bob B. (6/9/10)
Me freind and I both have Hewes Red Fishers. We fish primarily for stripers where the bottom runs from soft mud to very hard sand. We have not been able to effectively stake out in the hard sand with our push poles. Is your pole constructed to meet that need? Is it stiff enough, does it have a sharp hard point and would we be able to “lean on” it hard enough to get it to stick? Then the issue becomes pulling it. Does it have an eye on the end to tie a rope for pulling. If you do not have a pole; are you aware of any adaptions that have worked. We are impressed with your stern mount and we prefer to use your system; however we are concerned regarding the pole. Thanks for listening.
Answer: Bob, our poles are very sturdy (3/4″ high strength fiberglass) and will work well for you. The pole does have a sharp point on it. The pole currently does not have an eye on it and I will look at adding something like. If it makes the system better we’ll add it.

From: Chase B. (6/6/10)
I just returned from Lake Erie small mouth fishing. We fished the flats where your product would have been great. I thought of the same idea and considered developing one before I found out about your Dig IN Anchor. I would love to see a plate mount that would fit between the hull and the trolling motor and one that would bolt directly to the motor bracket. I’m against new holes and the curved shape of my Ranger Boat would not allow the transom mount. A no scuff clamp on version would also be a great idea. I would love to help you develop these items and would be willing to field test the product. I am an avid fisherman and would give honest feedback about product upgrades. I’m also a professional salesman that could promote the product over the expensive Power Pole products. Please call or email me. I would be glad to share my ideas with you.
Answer: Chase, thanks for the input. We have two new designs coming in the next month or so. One for the Stern & one for the Bow. Both will NOT require drilling into the boat itself. Many people have asked us for these designs and we are responding s quick as we can. Also, We now have an affiliate program for online marketers. Click here for more info… Affiliate Sign Up. We are also looking for dealers reps and retailers in the northeast. I’ll call you.

From: Terry G. (6/2/10)
I fish in 2-4 ft of water but sometimes im in 6-8 ft of water do u have a 10ft pole also.
Answer: Terry, We are going to be offering a 10ft and a 12ft pole very soon. Not able to today. Will most likely be by the end of June.

From: Ralph M. (5/26/10)
I have a 2001 Hewes Redfisher and would like to kow which set up would be best for my boat.
Answer: Ralph, Either a Classic Stern Mount or a Bow mount will work on your 2001 Hewes Redfisher. If staying still is a problem then other people have gone with both. Let me know if you have any other questions.

From: Wyatt G. (5/25/10)
Does anyone have a stern mount on a Nautic Star 2200. It looks like it might be a problem because on the curved surface on the transom.
Answer:Wyatt, Looked at a couple pictures of the Nautic Star 2200 on Google images. No problem using either the Stern or Bow mounts. Let me know if have any other questions.

From: Ian C. (5/19/10)
Could you please advise me of the cost in australian dollars for a stern mount model and delivery to Maitland NSW Australia
Answer:Ian, I am still working on your question and wanted to at least get back to you. The Classic (stern) mount SPC would cost $200.07 AUS dollars. I am still running down the shipping charges and will get that to you ASAP. Hope that helps.

From: Gary L. (5/19/10)
Would this work with the Bass Tracker Pro Crappie 175? 2006 model
Answer: Gary, I looked up a picture of your Bass Tracker Pro Crappie 175 on Google images. Both the Bow and stern mounts will work well on your boat. Let me know if you have any other questions.

From: Chris B. (5/18/10)
I am interested in the bow mount system. Can you tell me the diameter of the bracket mounting area? I have a 2001 Triton Tr-21 and want to make sure I have the real-estate on the bow to mount this. Can you also tell me how long it is as well? Thank-you
Answer: Chris, The EZ release plate is 6 inches in diameter and the mount itself is about 14inches in length. I looked up a picture of a 2001 Triton Tr-21 on Google images. Looks like you will have enough room either the the right or left and a little behind of your trolling motor (if you have one). Hope that helps

From: Blake R. (5/12/10)
I have a Triton TR20 Bass boat. How strong of wind and waves will this product be able to stand?
Answer: Blake, I looked up a picture of your Triton TR20 Bass boat on Google images. Nice boat. Several people have purchased our systems for Triton boats. Guys have reported to me that they have been in up to 20 knot winds with no problems. The poles can handle chop though I would say that big waves would be a problem. System is really designed for shallow water fishing. (8 feet or less) Hope that helps.

From: Robert P. (5/12/10)
I’m wondering if you make a pole that is around 12 feet. Shallow water in Canada is not shallow water down south. And can you ship to Canada namely Ontario, Canada
Answer: Robert, We are going to be offering a 12 foot pole in the next 30 days. We do ship to Canada thru UPS though it is a bit more than US addresses. We just shipped a Extended/Bow package to Ontario, Canada in April.

From: Tom T. (5/10/10)
I have a 17′ Center Console Cobia with an 85hp Yamaha. It’s not a flats boat, but I do try to work Mosquito Lagoon. I’m interested in the bow mounted and also wonder about using the pole as a push pole? I live in Orlando area.
Answer: Tom, Your Cobia has a very high bow. Our bow mount will mount just fine. The pole we offer right now is 8 feet, so I don’t think the 8 foot pole will get you into 5 or 6 feet of water. We are in the process of offering a 10, 12 and 14 foot poles. They are not available now and will be soon. Many of the people who get our systems use the poles as a push pole. its a multi-tasker. Hope that helps.

From: Renee D. (5/10/10)
Hi and thanks in advance for your helpful advice. I am searching for a power pole for my husband for Father’s Day. I know nothing! I do know that we fish in the Gulf on the flats and his boat is 17′ Capehorn. Will the Dig IN anchor work for us and if so, which model and how do I know if he’d need stern or bow mount? Thanks SOOOO much! I look forward to your helpful and prompt reply. Renee D. Starke, Florida
Answer: Renee, Yes the stay put will work for you. I would suggest going with the Classic (stern) Mount for your Capehorn. Its $169.00 compared to the Power Pole at $1,600. If staying absolutely still is important, get a Classic/Bow Mount package. It’ still a third of what a power pole would be.

From: Wyatt G. (5/9/10)
I have a 22 ft Nautic Star Bay Boat. Some of the fishing I do like bream fishing it hard to hold in one place with the trolling motor. I was thinking about a power pole but this system is cheaper. What would be the best stern mount to use for my boat Nautic Star 2200 it would have to mount on the right rear do to I have a ladder on the left.
Answer: Wyatt, Guys with boats like yours go with the extended mount. If staying still is a problem, then go with an extended/bow package. Hope that helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.

From: Dan W. (5/4/10)
Answer: Dan, No we do not. We are looking for dealers in that area. If you know of one please refer them to our dealer program.

From: Tom M. (5/2/10)
How do I order the classic / bow mount package? I don’t see a place to order it on this website.
Answer: Tom, Go To

From: Pat A. (4/29/10)
1. Can you use the 8, 10 or 12 foot pole as a push pole.
2. How does the EZ release mounting plate work. I am thinking that the bow can come off and if it does, how?
Answer: Pat, Yes, you can use the poles as a push pole. Other people have purchased anchor systems and an extra pole just for that purpose. The EZ release plate mounts permanently to the bow deck and the Bow mount screws into the EZ release plate. That way if you want to get the Bow mount out of the way you don’t have to unscrew from the boat deck and leave open, ugly holes. Let me know if you have any other questions.

From: Garat (4/29/10)
I am interested in the bow mount model. Questions are: where do you store it when not in use? In a rod holder? What is the ez release clip for? I have a pathfinder 2000v, will I be able to thru mount this unit or just need to screw to deck? Does the pole truly hold in a strong current or is it designed more for flats and calm days? Thanks, Great Idea!!!!
Answer: Garat, Thanks for the questions. When you are talking about storage do you mean the mount or the pole? The pole is stored in the clips that you can mount on your boat where convenient or in a rod holder. The EZ release plate mounts permanently to the Bow. The Bow mount removes from the EZ release plate when necessary and can be stored in any cargo hold. Looked up a picture of your pathfinder 2000v on Google images. From what I can see, no problem mounting the Bow mount with the screws provided. The pole is 3/4 inch high strength fiberglass. We have guys using them from Massachusetts to Florida. On the Mississippi from Minnesota to Louisiana, From Texas to California. The only one ever returned was broken in shipping by UPS and we replaced that one. Let me know if you have other questions.

From: Jimmy H. (4/26/10)
I have a 16.6′ cc boat. What could you suggest to use on it and also price? Thank you, Jimmy
Answer: Jimmy, I would recommend the Classic mount ($169.00) IF you do not have trim tabs. If you do have trim tabs go with the Extended ($189.00) mount. Most guys go with the Combo packages that we offer so your boat doesn’t spin a round on you when you are fishing into the current. Hope that helps.

From: Kevin F. (4/25/10)
i have a 20ft sea ark (bay fisher). it has the flotation pods on back, and the deck is low on the front. will your product work? why is it better than the wang anchor? thank -you
Answer: Kevin, Thanks for the questions. Send me a picture of the stern of your boat. I didn’t find a good picture of it on Google images and I don’t know how wide your floatation pods are so I can’t give you an idea of what to put on the stern. From the picture I did find, the bow mount will work just fine. Our mounts are made from aircraft grade aluminium so rust and rust stains on the hull will never be an issue. Let me know if you have any other questions

From: Tim R. (4/24/10)
I am the parts manager for a Wisconsin Marina and would like to order one of your 5″ Offset Stern anchors. I however would prefer a 10 or 12 foot pole the ten being the best for our area. After useing it for awile we may consider being a dealer. If you need proof that I am in fact from a marine retailer you may also contact me at Harbor Recreation. The first one is for my personal use . Thank you Tim
Answer: Tim, Thanks for the email. Right now we only have the eight (8) foot poles. We will be offering the ten (10) and twelve (12) foot poles in the next 5 or 6 weeks. If you would like to start the dealer process go to this page: Become a Dig In Dealer We’ll worry about all the license documents after we get started. Thanks for your support.

From: Chuck B. (4/21/10)
Do you make poles longer than 8′. I would like a 10′ if available.
Answer: Chuck, thank you for your order. We are going to be offering 10′ pole soon. It is not available now though it is coming in the next 4 to 6 weeks.

From: George L. (4/19/10)
Hi, Looks like a great system! What is the diamator of the base of the bow mount? What are the shipping charges? Thankz
Answer: George, thanks for your comment. The diameter of the bow mount base is 4 1/2 inches. Shipping is $35.00

From: Leon F. (4/16/10)
I would like to get a price for a bow and a stern mount and two spikes.
Answer: Leon, Al, If your boat does not have trim tab then go with the Classic/Bow Mount Package which runs $349.99 plus shipping for both mounts, 2 poles and all the mounting hardware.

From: Capt. Tim D. (4/15/10)
I will be glad to promote your product. My buisness has tapered off. I am somewhat slow and should have time for promotions.
Answer: Tim, thanks for the email. YES, we are accepting applications for marine dealers and sales representatives for the Stay Put Systems.

From: Al “Whitey” (4/15/10)
As far as a package deal,do you advise one bow and one about fast shipping in rv camp,two weeks. please call. THANKS
Answer: Al, If your boat does not have trim tab then go with the Classic/Bow Mount Package. After you order, we can get the order shipped out in 48 hours.

From: Mike D (4/8/10)
What all does the bow kit come with? How long is the pole?
Answer: Mike, the Bow Mount comes with the bow mount, the ez release plate, an 8 foot pole, and mounting screws.

From: Steve P (4/7/10)
I am very interested in the shallow water anchor for the stern of my Hewes Redfisher, which model should I order? Also have you considered making a mount for the leg of a poling platfom to avoid drilling holes in the transom? Thanks Steve
Answer: Steve, thanks for the question. I looked at an image of your Hewes Redfisher on Google. Either the bow or stern mount will work just fine. If you go with a stern mount the classic is what you need if you don’t have trim tabs. A lot of guys are getting the Bow / Stern package to stay straight in a current. To answer your second question, yes. We are currently looking at designing a mount that bolts to the jack plate. I’ll send out an email when that is available.

From: John R (4/4/10)
I have a 2003 Polar (19ft) center console with a 115 Yamaha. I fish is the Gulf mostly. On the bow mount (with an 8ft pole)knowing the bow is higher, the amount of pole in the water would mean you could only anchor in waters less then 5 foot. Is this the reason for both Bow and Stern systems? Am I correct in my thoughts? Thanks
Answer: John,Thanks for the question. We are working on offering 10′ and 12′ poles. Coming soon. I’ll send out an email when we get them in. Most people buy the bow and stern mounts to fix the boat in a position quickly. Its fast, silent and easy.

From: George A (4/4/10)
Is the spike guarentteed for lifetime?
Answer: George, thanks for the question. No, the mount is guaranteed for life

From: Tom M (4/1/10)
I fish in an area that is mostly rock, oister bars and other hard bottom. Is there anything to keep constant pressure on the system to hold you in place. Your webpage doesn’t explain how the system works other than the obvious.
Answer: Tom, we don’t currently have anything that would apply constant pressure. the system is designed to dig into the sand or mud of a lake or stream bottom.

From: Scott L (3/31/10)
I was just wondering where you are located and if you know of any stores in the Ottawa, ON (Canada) area that sell your product. Thank you, Scott L.
Answer: Scott, we are in Daytona Beach, Florida. We do not have any retail stores in Canada and we are looking for dealers, distributors and representatives. Fill out an application on our site and you will be the first in Ottawa.

From: Mike (3/31/10)
When you order the package deal, does it come with two poles and all of the hardware? Thanks. Mike
Answer: Mike, Yes… We provide Two (2) poles and all of the hardware. Let me know if you have any other questions.

From: Roy C (3/24/10)
I’m interested in Bass Boat and Multi-species Boat applications / installations. As the former President of the RI BASS Federation Nation and current officer of my Bass Club, I would imagine several people in my area (Rhode Island / Massachusetts) should be interested in an economical alternative to the costly Power Pole. I’m interested in various self-installation alternatives you may shed light on. I can see one huge advantage to your product in a headwind with the bow mounted system. Thanks, Roy
Answer: Roy, about 40% of the people who call or email us ask us for our bow mount after they have purchased a Power Pole. The other 60% tell us, “Thank God I found your site before I wrote a check for $1,600. Thanks for your input. We appreciate your support.

From: David P (3/22/10)
I came across your site while searching for power poles. I really would prefer your system over the power poles setup. I am a crappie fishermen fishing in the Crappie Masters and Crappie USA fishing circuit. I was wondering if you have some kind of affliate program for semi pro fishermen. I think your product would be huge in our type of fishing setups. I would be more than happy to pass out literature at seminars and display your sticker on my boat. What ever you prefer. I think your bow mount setup would really be a hit with crappie fisherman. Thanks David P
Answer: David, thank you very much. Yes, we now offer an affiliate program. Just go to the site and register.

From: Jimmy W (3/15/10)
I am considering purchasing your bow mounted product and would like to know that if I also purchased an extra E-Z release mounting plate to put on the stern does that mean that if the circumstance warrants that I could remove the mount from the bow to use on the stern? thanks.
Answer: Jimmy, Yes you could do that.

From: Josh T (3/14/10)
I just bought a 2003 scout 145. I have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to mechanics or installation. Would I be able to install your product with ease? Is the only tool needed an electric screwdriver? Does this product mount on any fiberglass boat. The scout is in mint condition and I don’t want to damage it during installation. Thanks
Answer: Josh, I looked up a picture of the 2003 scout 145 on google. Looks like either a Stern (Classic) or Bow Mount will do the trick. Our mount are very easy to install and many, many people have installed them on fiberglass boats. If your not mechanically inclined then you might what to take it to a marine shop and have them install it. That way you can be guaranteed not to damage your boat.

From: Jim R (3/11/10)
I have a 20′ champion bass boat w/200hp motor, fish in windy conditions approx 25 mph.whereas I need the boat locked down tight. I don’t want it to swap end to end and need it to stay in place quietly. What set up do you recommend?
Answer: I looked up photos of your boat on Google. I would go with an Extend Mount and a Bow Mount package. Drop both poles and that boat ain’t goin anywhere.

From: JD (3/7/10)
Does the bow mount kit come with brackets to hold the spike when not in use?
Answer: Yes, Our all our mounts come with two clips to secure the pole when it is not in use.

From: Kawarth Lakes Guiding Service (3/7/10)
Do you have any Canadian retailers ?
Answer: No. We do not have any Canadian retailers. We did just launch our dealer program if you would like to become one.

From: Brooks J (2/24/10)
Mississippi river for catfishing. Usually anchor in 4 to 9 feet sand or rocks in an 18′ River Pro (Hi Pro). Will the product perform?
Answer: Yes, we have several people using the system on the Mississippi from Minnesota to Louisiana.

From: James D (2/16/10)
I am interested in your product. I am a full time guide in Saint Augustine and I was wondering if you have a guide program?
Answer: Yes, we have a Guide program, a Dealer program and an Affiliate program.

From: Brian H (2/13/10)
I was looking at getting a powerpole but came across this on the internet. Which one would you prefer for a 19ft Mako CC with a 115hp merc. Bow or stern. What is the maxium depth that the anchor will anchor the boat.
Answer: If you are using a trolling motor on the bow start with a Classic or Extended (stern) mount. Some people are buying both in a package so they don’t wear put the trolling motor. Currently we offer a 8 foot pole, so your good in about 7 feet of water. (We are in the process of offering 10′ poles. I’ll let everyone know when we get them in)

From: Jerry K (1/27/10)
I’m a guide in the 10k Isl. Bought a Egret 16’7″ a couple months ago and have heard great stuff about your Stay put anchor. What do you recommend.
Answer: Start with a Classic (stern) Mount

From: Ryan N (1/9/10)
I’m really interested in this system. I’m tired of dragging anchors along waiting for them to catch (tried several styles) just to drift past my fishing hole. I own a 21ft Mako 2101 inshore boat w/ 200 Merc. This is a decent size boat and pretty heavy. I would go with no less than the bow and stern mount to hold the boat from swiveling around. Where we fish there is always at least a 15 mph wind, with gusts up to 35 mph sometimes. Will stern and bow mount system hold my boat without breaking? Also, is the classic/bow mount package for $349 include both brackets, spikes, and all hardware to mount up?
Answer: Yes, the bow & stern mounts will completely stop you from drifting. Packages include both brackets, two poles, mounting hardware and storage clips for the poles.

From: Jim A (12/15/09)
Can you give me the footprint of the bracket i am very interested in the stern mount i would like to see if i can fit it in between my motor and my trim tab. And how far off the water line should the bracket be installed. I almost bought a power pole before I stumbled on your web site , great product.
Ans: The stern mounts are 4″x6″. With trim tabs we recommend the Extended mount. Install the mount about 2 inches above the water line.

From: Gerald (11/21/09)
I have a Champion 220 Bay Champ with Yamaha F150.
Ques: Will this pole hold that boat in tide changes along the Gulf Coast? Would you recommend a bow or stern mount and why the one over the other?
Ans: Yes it will. I have never had a customer come back and say they had a problem. I would recommend a stern mount for your boat. The stern mount gets the bracket closer to the water line on your boat

From: Mike (11/20/09)
Ques: How easy is it to remove the bow mounted anchoring system with the e-z to remove mount?
Ans: Takes about 2 minutes

Ques: Looks like a great product idea if there is no noise in the bracket or between the pole and aluminum mount.
Ans: The pole is fiberglass and the mounts are aircraft grade aluminum. No noise at all once the pole is in the bracket.

Ques: How big of a boat will anchor system hold?
Answer: We have used the Stay Put Anchor in boats up to 20 feet.

Ques: What type weather conditions?
Answer: We have been out on some fairly windy days (15 to 20 mph) and the boat did not move at all.

Ques: Due the Components have a Warranty?
Answer: Yes... Lifetime Warrantee

Ques: What is the Price for Replacement Spikes?
Answer: $59.97

Ques: Is the replacement spike sold as the entire 8.75 foot spike with comfort grip?
Answer: Yes, the replacement spike is sold and shipped as one piece

Ques: Would this work on a two-man bass boat?
Answer: Yes... I does work on a 2 man bass boat.

Ques: My boat is a 12′ Sun Dolphin. Which system would you recommend?
Answer: I would recommend the Extended Mount Model or the Bow Mount Model