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From CHRIS F. 4/2/21
Good morning, I am wondering if you have any dealers in the Wilmington, NC area? I am interested in purchasing 2 of the 12' 3/4" diameter fiberglass spikes if you have them available for purchase without the mounts? If so what is the price on the 12' poles and shipping to wilmington, nc 28411...if there are no dealers in the area to purchase them from? Thank you. Email is best as i am out of the country with work and do not have phone access at this time.
Chris, Thx for the question. Check with any West Marine store. There are several in the Willmington, NC area... 929 Military Cutoff Rd, Wilmington, NC 28405... Phone: (910) 509-0613
Hope this helps
From Shawn M. (Monticello, AR) 3/30/21
 have a 22' pontoon that I use on the lakes in Arkansas, will your anchors work on the lake bed or are they just for sand? Also if they work in a rocky/muddy bottom lake what package would you recommend and how much are they? 
Shawn, Thanks for the question.
Yes, our Pontoon systems will work in your area in Arkansas.
We have many Pontoon customers in your area.
Yes, they do work in Sand, Gravel and Soft bottoms.
The only difference is how far down you have to push the pole.
For your Pontoon and area we recommend the Pontoon system with 10Ft or 12ft Anchor Poles. 

Click here to see the system

Investment around $546 + Shipping
Total Depends on Color, Pole length & UPS 
From CHAD 3/29/21
Just curious on the dimensions of the motor mount dig in Mount I got a 2017 Carolina Skiff JV 15 it has kind of an awkward shape rear that hangs over kind of long and gets real close to the motor 
Chad, Thx for the question. 
Found a picture of your 2017 Carolina Skiff JV 15 on Google. 
Nice boat. 
I see that it has a wide lip on the transom. 
Our Standard Motor Mount comes out from the motor bolts 4 inches then angles 45 degrees AWAY from the transom. What that means... 
Yes, out Standard Motor Mount and Anchor pole will work on your boat. 
Hope this helps
From Rick Cornett (Norfolk, VA) 3/5/21
On your site for the motor mount description it says left or right side? I am wanting the mount on port side so I just want to make sure this is the left side correct?
Rick, Thx for the question.
Yes, You are correct. Left side or Port side.
Standing behind the boat.
Looking at the motor.
Mount on the left side

Hope this helps 
From George G. (New Roads, LA) 3/4/21
Good morning, I am curious as to why the shipping is $189.00 on
1 motor mount, 1 trolling motor mount & (2) 12' poles
George, Here's the deal.
USPS, UPS & FedEx will ship packages up to 8 feet in length.
Once you go over 8 Feet in length both USPS and FedEx will NOT ship it.
UPS automatically adds a $50 surcharge and classifies the package as 90 pounds even though it weights 12 pounds.
Once you go over 10 feet in length.
UPS adds another $50 surcharge and classifies the package as 180 pounds even though it weights 12 pounds.
UPS is very good at moving square boxes on conveyor belts with computers.
Problem is...
A long box needs to be picked up by a human and walked from one truck to another.
Once this happens there are restrictions on what the human can do due to Union rules.
Thus the ridiculous fees.
If you have a less expensive way for us to ship the 12ft poles...
Please let us know.

Hope this helps 
From Dan (Charleston, SC) 2/28/21
Good evening,
I purchased a 27’ Barletta which weights 4100 lbs without fuel or passengers. Our use case would be beaches, sandbars and creeks in Charleston SC. I would ideally like the motor mount and deck rise mount, however I am not certain the motor mount would work with my set-up. Please let me know your recommendation and confirm that a bow and stern Digin will hold a vessel my size.
Thank you, Dan
ANSWER: Dan, Thx for the question.
First, YES our pontoon system will hold your Barletta.
Second, The motor mount will sit low in the water on your model and can kick up a spray when you are underway. Some people find that annoying.

For South Carolina
Recommend going with the (Pontoon Package)
(2) 3 Inch Rise Bow Mounts and (2) Ten foot anchor poles

Hope that helps

From: Anthony S. (4/30/20)
Hi. there is no price listed for two anchor mounts (left and right sides) dig in anchors (combo) fish hunter package; also do you have an photos of this type of a setup on a boat motor?
Answer: Anthony,
We can create a custom order for you.Other people have wanted two mounts in the back.

Problem is...The poles are too  close together.The torque of the current or the wind or both will cause the boat to spin
We recommend a Fish Hunter package.Stern mount and Bow mount.
That being said...If you want two in the stern, we will create that package...
Hope this helps
From: Stephen Legge | West Marine Product Advice (5/16/19)
Hi Dig in Anchors. We have a customer with a couple of questions about your Mfg # DSMM-BK Dig In Anchor. The customer asks the following:
"What is the thickness of the material, and will it definitely fit a 2018 Merc 115Pro XS?"  Your assistance will be greatly appreciated. 
Best Regards.
Stephen Legge |West Marine Product Advice
Answer: Stephen, Thx for the questuion. 1/4 inch marine grade aluminum hot dip annodised. Will fit any mercury motor. Hope that helps
From: Michael Pollak | West Marine Product Advisor (10/22/18)
Hi There, I have a customer with a few questions on Mfg # DP-8-WT.
How does the Dig In Anchor work in moving current? Will it hold?
How difficult is it to push the anchor in hard sand and oyster shell bottoms?
Thank you,
Michael Pollak, West Marine Product Advisor.
Answer: Michael, thx for the questions.
1. Our anchors work well and hold the boat in a moving current. Best system is a Fish Hunter package for both ends of the boat.
2.) Hard sand just takes a tap on the handle to set the anchor pole. Hard oyster shell bottoms take a little feel to find a good securing hole of fissure in the oyster bed. Hope that helps.
From: Dan Foster (10/19/18)
Hi, So there is a strongish current or 15 mph wind; How do I get the poles out without a huge effort?Lets say my wife is going to pull them. Likely installation is on a 22 foot pontoon boat.Thanks Dan
Answer: Dan, Get this question frequently. If the pole locks in the mount. Use the trolling motor or main motor to ease tension off the poll. It will straighen and slide up easily. Hope that helps.
From: John Goody (9/18/18)
To Dig in Anchors. My first trip after installing the 8ft anchor was to Indian point in the Everglades, Florida. We deployed the Dig in Anchor into 4 ft of water and cast out our lines. To our surprise, the first fish we caught was the juvenile Jew Fish Pictured above. We also caught Tarpon, Trout and Bonnet head shark. Thanks to the Dig in Anchor we are able to hold the 18ft Boston Whaler in the skinny water...... I recommend your product highly. John Goody
From: Steve Harrod (9/4/18)
I am interested in this system for my Bass Tracker FishinBarge 21 pontoon. The concern I have is I need to mount both a bow mount and a stern mount as I fish a rather windy Lake Okeechobee in Florida for crappie fishing. With my pontoon the deck wall is mounted rather close to the edge all the way around, especially the back end of the boat. At the front of the boat I at least may be able to utilize one of the 3 entry gates to mount one but I don't know how to work around the issue of the back end. Can you advise me on this? I am a senior adult with a certain amount of lower back issues that I fear will seriously affect my ability to fish if I have to continue to have to lift anchors out of the water. I appreciate your feedback on this.
Answer: Steve, I looked up pictures and a video of your Sun Tracker Fishin Barge 21 pontoon. Yes the wall are very close to the edge. I think you idea is correct. You can install the mounts at the entry gates. Hope that helps
From: Dan Pagel (9/21/18)
LIKE A PHONE,I LIKE TO ASK YOU. Can i install off my motor bolts. Dan Pagel
Answer: Dan, I called your phone number. FYI... The voicemail is full and I could not leave a message. Yes, you can install the Standard Motor Mount using the motor bolts.
From: Dan Gragtmans (9/4/18)
Hello. Question for ya. I’m from southern Ontario and I hunt diver ducks in lake st Clair. I hunt out of an 18 foot pontoon boat that has a blind built on it (about 4 high off the deck). Will the pontoon package hold well in 2-3 foot waves, 15-20mph winds, in 4 feet of water? We set up our decoys, then leave the spread to pick up anchor and go retrieve the ducks. Also, we always hunt with the bow directly into the wind, would it make more sense to mount both brackets on each corner of the bow rather than one bow and one stern? Dan Gragtmans
Answer: Dan, Yes... our systems will hold your boat
From: Carl Kanas (8/15/18)
Good afternoon, I recently purchased a used bass boat that has the mount for a Dig In Shallow water anchor. However, there was no pole included with the purchase. I would like to buy either an 8 ft or 10 ft black pole to use with the mount. I tried to order it via the website but was not having any luck. Can I please get a price quote to replace the missing item. Thank you! Carl Kanas
Answer: Carl, first let me appologize for the website. Hired a company to build a new website and they screwed it up.
Congrates on your new boat. Tried to call your number (9543035597). Phone rings twice and then goes dead. Hope that helps
From: Nick Hillmer (8/16/18)
Hello, I purchased a motor mount and 6 foot anchor pole this summer. It works great. They only thing is that I would like to get a longer anchor pole for deeper water. Do you offer a 2 piece 12 foot anchor pole. It would be nice to get a 2 piece for ease of boat storage. Thanks,Nick Hillmer
Answer: Nick, thanks for the question. We do not offer a two piece anchor pole for boats. What we have found is that the joints will break. For a full sized boat the joints are just not as strong as a solid anchor pole. Hope that helps
From: Jerry Agathos (7/27/18)
Hi, can i just buy the 12 ft pole ? I live in Australia & i will pay all necessary shipping costs.
Answer: Jerry, thank you for your interest in our anchor systems. This is not an easy under taking. If you are willing to be patient and work with us, we will do our best to ship a system to Australia. Hope that helps
From: Rusty Sink (7/23/18)
How can a purchase the engine mount and 10 foot pole. Also do you have a military discount by any chance?
Thanks. Rusty Sink
Answer: Rusty, Thx for the question. Please email me a copy of your active Military Id or Discharge Id and I can send you the Military discount code. Hope that helps
From: Jack Lee (7/6/18)
Diamater? of round mount on bow? I may be pretty close, as I have elec and auto pilot up there and not much room--May have to move inside boat and about 10" down to flooring. Thanks Jack
Answer: Jack, the round EZ release puck is 4 1/2 inches in Diameter. Hope that helps
From: Neil Orta (7/1/18)
I have a pontoon that has no deck space bow or stern. I see you have a transom mount that may work for the stern what option would be best for the bow?
Answer: Neil, can you email me a picture or a video of our pontoon boat..?
From: Bill Hattaway (7/26/18)
I have a 2200 V Pathfinder bay boat. Could I use two transom mount poles vs transom and bow mount poles? Or, will one pole be sufficient for this size boat? Thanks, Bill
Answer: Bill, thx for the question. For your 2200 V Pathfinder bay boat we recommend a fish hunter system (2) mounts & (2) Poles.One for the bow and one for the stern. You could use two stern mounts boat that size boat will swing in the wind or stiff current. Hope that helps
From: Joe Smoak (7/23/18)
Want to purchase a jack mount plate system but would like the base mount to follow the same lines of jack plate. Also I live in Chas sc close to Monks Corner where I believe you are located. I can give you the angle degree if it can be done. Thanks
Answer: Joe, What kind of Kack plate do you have..? Manual or Hydrolic
From: Charles Brooks (7/6/18)
Does the 6 in rise deck mount extend below the mounting surface ( I m mounting to a swim platform and don"t want it immersed in salt water)? thanks. charles brooks
Answer: Charles, Good question... No... the 6 in rise deck mount does not extend below the mounting surface. Hope that helps
From: Dustin Tolbert (5/23/18)
Good afternoon, I am contacting you today to inquire about possible prostaff opportunities. I believe I can prove to be a valued member of the team if proved the chance. I can send you my resume upon request. Thanks in advance for any help, have a great day! Dustin Tolbert
Answer: Dustin, thx for the ProStaff request. Please email us...
1.) A picture of you in the last Tournament you won with date and place.
2.) A link to a YouTube video of you demonstrating a Fishing technique, Lure, one of our systems, etc.
That will help us a lot in making a determination if you are a good fit.
Hope that helps.
From: Matt Walters (5/21/18)
I need just the yellow 12’ pole. What would that cost? How much for shipping to 39740 address?
Matt Walters
Answer: Matt, Thx for the question. We have to ship thru UPS, USPS and FedEx will no ship over 8ft. The shipping for one 12 foot pole is ridiculously expensive ($179). We recommend that you purchase our 12 Ft poles thru one of our Retailers like West Marine. Then you will not pay shipping costs. Hope that helps.
From: Mark Behlok (5/8/18)
I picked up a pair of Dig In poles, the ones that come apart which would be perfect to store in my boat. Are those pretty good, the guy at West Marine said they tend to bend at the threaded pieces.. Anyways, I need to see how to order just the motor mount bracket in Black, Starboard side if possible. I only see the packages online, and I don't need the poles, just the bracket itself. Regards,Mark
Answer: Mark, glad you could get the poles and not have to pay a ridiculous shipping fee. First, the segemented anchor poles will NOT take as much bending pressure as the solid poles. Solid poles will handle over 900lbs of side force, segmented poles 300lbs. Segmented poles are more for Kayaks. Hope that helps
From: Rick Kody (5/3/18)
What do you recommend for a Yamaha 210 FSH? It has the 2 tier swim step area.
Answer: Rick, we recommend (2) 3 Inch Deck Rise mounts and your choice of pole lengths. Hope that helps
From: Jorge Rodriguez (5/22/18)
I have a Topper 1542 jon boat. Do you have a system that will work on this boat?  Jorge Rodriguez
Answer: Jorge, thx for the question. We recommend a 5 Inch Transome Mount and a 10Ft anchor pole (you pick the color) for your Topper 1542 jon boat. Hope that helps
From: Lucas Rivera (5/21/18)
I would like to purshase the trolling motor mount only, what is the cost? Thank You. Lucas Rivera
Answer: Lucas, Thx for the question. The cost for a Trolling motor mounts is $191.00. Hope that helps
From: Mark Fink (5/13/18)
Hello, Do you sell the standard motor mount for the dig in anchor by itself? If so, what is the price for the chrome and the black finished ones? The motor mount is made of aluminum? What is the internal diameter of the tube that the anchor slides into? I already have some fiberglass spikes but I do not have a mount for the boat, just been using rope tied to boat cleats. I see most of your setups are one anchor at the front and rear of the boat. Is there any reason to not put an anchor on each side of the outboard and not do one up front? This is reference to a fiberglass 18-19 foot bass boat. Thanks in advance for your help! Mark Fink
From: Sean Goff (5/7/18)
I have a 1548 gator tough G3 that I mostly use for duck hunting. I'm having a little trouble with your website. My question is do you have a camo combo set up, meaning the whole thing? Front and back mounts with the poles. And if so what is the complete price on the whole set up? Or do you have to buy everything separate? Thanks Sean Goff
Answer: Sean, great question. What we recommend for your 1548 gator tough G3 is a Standard Motor Mount, 3 Inch Deck Rise Bow Mount and (2) two 10 fott anchor poles. All in Camouflage. Hope that helps
From: Mike Brooks (6/28/18)
Is the 45 degree trolling motor mount still available (seen on a video), also how far below the mounting surface does the 3 in deck rise mount extend. mike brooks
Answer: Mike, Yes we do have 45 degree Trolling Motor Mounts. Hope that helps
From: Ron (6/8/18)
Can I buy just the pole and two mounting clips? I received the transom mount already. Also, I can’t see big pic of the camo poles. Can you send that to my email so I can see the pattern?
Answer: Ron, The answer is yes. Just a pole and clips is a special order so, give me a call at (386) 308-7745
Here is a picture of a Push Pole, its easier to see the camo pattern than on an Anchor Pole. Hope that helps
From: Asa Smith (6/18/18)
Could you give me a price for 5" offset transom & 3" bow rise mounting brackets only with shipping to Texas 75474? No poles. Asa Smith
Answer: Asa, Thanks for the question
5" Offset Transom mount... $169.96
3" Bow Rise Mount............ $182.97
Shipping............................. FREE
This is a special offer, so give us a call at 386.308.7745 Hope that helps
From: Joseph Albanese (4/13/18)
I am putting together an article on shallow water anchors to appear in the June issue of On The Water (http://www.onthewater.com). Specifically the article covers alternatives to Power Pole-type anchoring systems, including Cajun anchors and stake-out pins. I would like to include your motor mount bracket in the piece, and was wondering if you could provide me with one for review. As writer, I primarily cover fishing, conservation, and DIY subjects. My works have appeared in Outdoor Life, Field & Stream, and Sport Fishing. For examples of my work please visit www.josephjalbanese.com. Thank you for your consideration. Tight Lines, Joe
Answer: Joe, thanks for contacting us. We would be honored to participate in your article. Please email me at mgrady@diginanchors.com or call me at 386.308.7745 so we can get shipping information. Hope that helps.
From: Kenneth Vermurlen (4/12/18)
If I order today, how soon can I expect delivery. Salinas, California. Motor/jackplate mount - white 10' pole
Answer: Ken, Order today (4-12-18)... Ship Monday (4-16-18)... You should have Mount & pole by following Monday... All depends on UPS. Hope that helps
From: David Rowan (4/10/18)
Can you purchase the poles only, without mounting system?
Answer: Yes, you can purchase the poles only
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