Outlook on Cheap Fishing Rods Available in the Market

Outlook on Cheap Fishing Rods Available in the Market

Selecting the right cheap fishing rod can at first seem daunting due to the sheer number of rods in the market. Fishing rods vary in action as well as length and can be found in size between 24 inches to 20 feet. The lengthier the rod the greater the mechanical advantage in casting. Selecting a good and cheap fishing rod can be a bewildering experience for someone who wants the most for their money.

Across the wide array of fishing rods, one of the most popular and inexpensive fishing rods for over 25 years is Shakespeare's ugly stik. It is the best rod on the market especially in price range. This rod is cited by all reviewers as a solid dependable rod for smaller fish that fits all anglers of all skill levels. They come in a variety of models. It features a graphite core surrounded by fiberglass which means it's a little heavier than an all graphite rod but overall stronger and will last longer.

This construction combined with low price makes the ugly stick one of the most dependable and usable cheap rods available. These stiks are excellent value for casual fishing enthusiasts. Its most remarkable features are virtually unbreakable in normal use and good performance for the money. The durability, seven year warranty and low prices have helped to make the Shakespeare's ugly stik popular for more than a quarter century. Experts suggest Shakespeare's ugly stik as a cheaper option for the beginners.

Okuma Guide Select finds a comfortable place between low and high end fishing rods, mixing quality components with a reasonable price. The rod is solid graphite making it light and sensitive. Its notable features are high weight graphite shaft, quality cork handle, more sensitive than budget rods and attractive price. The guide select also features molded cork provides a solid comfortable grip without sacrificing flexibility in the rest of the rod. Also it offers a surprising power. Okuma Guide Select is strong enough that the manufactures offers a limited period of warranty.

For high end fishing rods the Shimano Cumara provides the ultimate in comfort and sensibility. Professionals say the lightweight shaft offers incredible comfort, sensitivity, flexibility, speed and accuracy. Its carbon reel seat is a plus point. The remarkable features are light weight but reasonably strong, extreme sensitivity, and it beats more expensive fishing rods. It is a new product but professionals tried it eagerly and are appreciated for its best value.

For cheap and durable rods, the Berkley Lightning rods are also useful. It offers the same level of strength and usefulness at a low price. It has titanium footed guides which decrease the weight. It is made entirely of graphite making it light weighted sensitive but not as durable. Another Berkley spinning rod the "Berkley Cherry wood" is also best suited for beginners. It is a graphite composition rod with chromium guides and cork grips. It is a cheap price rod with a quality construction and finding it sensitive yet powerful.

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